Best 11 Features Of The Latest Android 11.

Best 11 Features Of The Latest Android 11.

The New OS Android 11 Update Released.

The latest version of the latest version of the mobile operating system Android 10, has been released by Google as Android 11 with new changes and features. Google has posted developer preview of Android 11 with many new features, which will make the entire ecosystem even stronger. It is a new thing that the first developer build in 2020 is available a few months earlier than every year. Many new APIs and features latest Android 11 is part of OS. However, this build was seen on Pixel 4 a few months ago and after that the build has also been seen on Pixel 2XL.

android 11

In addition to the next generation technology support, the primary focus of the new OS is to increase the security and privacy of users’ data. The Android 11 developer preview build has brought many features ranging from new APIs that improve connectivity, to new techs like 5G and foldable displays. Apart from this, notification areas in the new Conversions tab, chat heads like Facebook, improved permits and project mainline will make accessibility easier.

Features Of The New OS Android 11.

1- Chat Bubbles

2- Privacy and Permissions

3- New Conversion Tab

4- Redesigned Media Controls

5- Better Sharing UI

6- Dark Mode Scheduling

7- Airplane Mode Does Not Affect Bluetooth

8- Better Touch Sensitivity

9- Mute Notifications While Using Camera

10) Native Screen Recording

11) Updated Power Menu

Android 11 Features Details.

1) Chat Bubbles

After several years of waiting, chat heads like Facebook Messenger have been supported by Android. With this help, multiple conversions can be done easily.

android 11 bubble chat

2) Privacy and Permissions

One-time permits can be given for locations, microphones and cameras and users’ privacy will be better than before. With this help, the system will withdraw support from the app as soon as it stops. At the same time, apps have to request location access from Google Permission. Only Google will be able to access background location data of approved apps.

android 11

3) New Conversion Tab

The Dedicated Convergence tab will be given in the notification panel, where the most recent messages will appear. With the help of this, it will also be easy to reply to the messages by going to the notification panel. Not only this, users will also be able to send images only through notifications.

android 11 conversations

4) Redesigned Media Controls

With Android 11, Google has redesigned media controls to make the audio playback experience easier. Also, you can switch from your headphones to a Bluetooth speaker by tapping the audio source on the media control card in the Redesign Quick Settings area.

Android 11 media control

5) Better Sharing UI

In Android 11, users will be able to pin their favorite social networks to the top of the sharing menu. Although this feature was available in the early version of Android 9, but it has been removed in Android 10.

android 11

6) Dark Mode Scheduling

Google has brought Global Dark Mode to Android 10. In the new Android 11, users will also get the option to schedule this mode. According to the report, this mode will be automatically enabled or disabled at the given time.

android 11

7) Airplane Mode Does Not Affect Bluetooth

With Airplane mode turned on, users were not able to turn on Bluetooth yet, but in the new OS, users will get this option. Smart wearables or Audia headsets can be connected even when Airplane mode is turned on.

android 11

8) Better Touch Sensitivity

Google has given another option to improve the touch sensitivity from the settings panel. Users will be able to increase it before wearing gloves or using screen protector. This feature can be quite useful in many situations.

android 11

9) Mute Notifications While Using Camera

With the new APIs set, users will be able to mute notifications while using the camera. This feature can prove to be of great use during video calls.

android 11

10) Native Screen Recording

If you are a Pixel phone user, then you must have installed a third-party app for screen recording. Now you will not have to do this. With Android 11, Google is coming with built-in screen recording feature. You can enable recording with the sound of your microphone, device, or both.

android 11 screen recorder

11) Updated Power Menu

In the latest version you can access all your smart home devices by long pressing the power button.

android 11

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