Amazon Smart Plug With Alexa Support Launched in India

Amazon Smart Plug With Alexa Support Launched in India

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon has launched the Amazon Smart Plug in India. Alexa support has been provided in this Aamazon Smart Plug. It costs Rs 1,999. With this smart plug you can remotely switch off or on any plugged device or applications.

According to Amazon, it is a 3 pin socket design and is of 6A. It can be purchased in white color variants from Amazon. Its sale has started and it can be purchased with Echo Dot speaker under offer for Rs 4,498.

Amazon Smart Plug uses 2.4GHz WiFi. Note that if you have a 5GHz router and do not have the option to reduce it, then it will not work with that router.

You can connect this smart plug in Android or iPhone with the Alexa app. If you want, you can control this smart plug with Echo smart speakers, Fire TV or any Alexa enabled device.

For example, you have put your phone charger in this smart plug and are charging mobile. To stop charging, you can give commands to Alexa and it will stop charging. Similarly, by connecting with it, you can control the home’s applications.

It is worth noting that in this smart socket you can not use air condition, water heater, geyser and similar heavy home applications, because it is not so loaded.

According to Amazon, you can use products like room coolers, electric cant, air purifiers, Amazon smart devices, sound bars, table fans, lamps of this smart plug.

Alexa device with voice commands.

According to the company, it is quite easy to setup. This smart plug has to be installed in any electrical socket. After this, it has to be connected using Alexa app.

After connecting, customers can ask to turn it off from any Alexa built-in device. For example, you can say, Alexa, Turn off the fan.

Through this smart plug, you can also schedule which device to turn off or on. For example, you can schedule the table lamp to turn off as soon as it is sunrise.

To use the schedule feature, go to the Alexa app and select the routine option. Here you can follow the given steps and features.

Control with Alexa From Outside.

You can control the smart plug even if you are outside the house. You can also turn on or off this smart plug-in device from outside the house using the Alexa app.

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