BareFace What?


The article, titled “BareFace What?” explores the music release by True Tiger Recordings called “BareFace What?” The author mentions that Music Week, an industry magazine for the music business, is currently showing interest in True Tiger Recordings. The office is playing the recently released album, “Eye of The Tiger Vol.1,” and one of the standout tracks is Dynasty’s “BareFace What?” The author advises readers to click on the picture posted by True Tiger to avoid confusion with a different name and label. The paragraph also includes two comments from readers expressing their admiration for the music.

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True Tiger Recordings

True Tiger Recordings is a renowned music label that has made a significant impact on the music industry. They have been responsible for launching the careers of several talented artists, including Scandalous Unltd., Misty Dubs, One Dark Martian, Carly Bond, Purple, Shyam & DJ Wec.

Scandalous Unltd.

One of the standout artists on True Tiger Recordings is Scandalous Unltd. This talented group has made a name for themselves with their unique sound and memorable performances. Their music has been featured on various radio shows, including Manic FM, Freeze 92.7 FM, and Kiss 100 FM. Scandalous Unltd. has also been invited to perform on BBC 1xtra, further solidifying their status as one of the best acts on True Tiger Recordings.

Misty Dubs

Misty Dubs is another exceptional artist signed to True Tiger Recordings. Their music has been well-received by fans and critics alike, and they have gained a loyal following over the years. Misty Dubs’ music is known for its high energy and infectious beats, making it perfect for the dancefloor. Fans can even download their music from the True Tiger website, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their incredible sound.

One Dark Martian

One Dark Martian is a true talent in the music industry. Known for his impeccable production skills, One Dark Martian has captivated audiences with his innovative sound. His music has been featured on various platforms, including True Tiger’s MP3 collection. One Dark Martian’s music is a testament to True Tiger Recordings’ commitment to showcasing the best artists in the business.

Carly Bond

Carly Bond is a rising star on True Tiger Recordings. Her unique blend of soulful vocals and electronic beats has gained her a dedicated following. Carly Bond’s music has been featured on radio shows such as Vybe 99.5 FM, where her talent has been recognized and celebrated. Her music is a testament to True Tiger Recordings’ dedication to promoting diverse and talented artists.


Purple is an artist who has made a name for himself on True Tiger Recordings. Known for his distinctive sound and catchy melodies, Purple’s music has been well-received by fans all over the world. With True Tiger Recordings’ support, Purple has been able to reach a wider audience and establish himself as a true artist in his own right.

Shyam & DJ Wec

Shyam & DJ Wec are a dynamic duo who have made their mark on True Tiger Recordings. Their music is characterized by its infectious energy and captivating beats. Shyam & DJ Wec’s music has been played at various events, including the Lovebox festival in Victoria Park, showcasing their talent to a larger audience.

Bare Face What?

True Tiger Recordings released a compilation album titled “Eye of The Tiger Vol.1,” which includes the track “BareFace What?” by Dynasty. This track has gained significant attention and has been played in various industry offices and events. It has become one of the standout tracks on the album and has further solidified True Tiger Recordings’ reputation for promoting exceptional talent.

BareFace What?

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Bare Face What? Music Week

“Bare Face What? Music Week” is an event organized by Bare Face What? Music Week, the leading industry magazine for the music business. True Tiger Recordings has been making waves at this event, with their music being played in the offices and creating a buzz within the industry. This event serves as a platform for True Tiger Recordings to showcase their artists and connect with industry professionals.

True Tiger at Lovebox, Victoria Park

True Tiger Recordings had the privilege of performing at Lovebox, a renowned music festival held in Victoria Park. This performance was a highlight for True Tiger Recordings and gave them an opportunity to showcase their artists’ undeniable talent to a larger audience. The festival served as a stepping stone for True Tiger Recordings’ artists, helping them gain recognition and exposure within the music industry.

BareFace What?

True Tiger at Rise Festival

Rise Festival is another significant event where True Tiger Recordings had the opportunity to perform. This festival provided a unique platform for True Tiger Recordings’ artists to display their skills and connect with fans. The festival’s diverse audience allowed True Tiger Recordings to reach new listeners and expand their fanbase.

What Happens on Road, Stays on Road

“What Happens on Road, Stays on Road” is a motto that True Tiger Recordings lives by. This phrase encapsulates the exciting and unpredictable nature of being involved in the music industry. True Tiger Recordings embraces the challenges and adventures that come with being on the road, knowing that the experiences gained on these journeys are invaluable.

BareFace What?

Scandalous Unltd. on BBC 1xtra

True Tiger Recordings’ artist Scandalous Unltd. had the incredible opportunity to perform on BBC 1xtra, a prominent radio show known for showcasing the best talent in the industry. This appearance further solidified Scandalous Unltd.’s status as a rising star and provided them with exposure to a wider audience. True Tiger Recordings takes pride in their artists’ accomplishments and continues to support and promote their success.

True Tiger Road Trip

True Tiger Recordings embarked on a memorable road trip, allowing their artists to showcase their music in different locations. This road trip served as a platform for True Tiger Recordings to connect with fans directly and promote their artists’ music. It was an exciting adventure that allowed True Tiger Recordings’ artists to engage with their audience and create lasting memories.

Misty Dubs Rollin’ Music Download

True Tiger Recordings offers fans the opportunity to download Misty Dubs’ music from their website. This allows fans to enjoy Misty Dubs’ incredible music anytime and anywhere. True Tiger Recordings believes in making their artists’ music easily accessible, ensuring that fans can fully immerse themselves in the sounds of Misty Dubs.

True Tiger MP3’s

True Tiger Recordings offers a wide selection of MP3’s from their artists, including One Dark Martian, Carly Bond, Purple, and more. This allows fans to explore and discover new music, supporting True Tiger Recordings’ mission to showcase diverse and talented artists. The availability of MP3’s ensures that fans can enjoy True Tiger Recordings’ artists’ music conveniently and effortlessly.

In conclusion, True Tiger Recordings has established itself as a leading music label in the industry. With their roster of talented artists and their dedication to promoting diverse music, True Tiger Recordings continues to make a significant impact on the music industry. Fans can look forward to more groundbreaking music from True Tiger Recordings and their incredible artists.

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