Compared to Unpacked, Apple iPhone events have become a snoozefest


In recent years, Apple’s iPhone launch events have lost their charm and excitement compared to Samsung’s Unpacked events. While the iPhone used to be synonymous with innovation and highly-anticipated hardware changes, the lack of major updates in recent generations has made the events feel lackluster. The incremental and evolutionary changes made by Apple pale in comparison to Samsung’s technological advancements and engineering prowess showcased in their foldable phones. Samsung has taken a proactive approach to make its Unpacked events more exciting by conducting them in new cities each year, aligning with the company’s values and connecting with people on a deeper level. Despite leaks, Samsung’s events still hold the promise of something truly exciting, unlike the iPhone events that have become snoozefests of hyping up minor changes. Only when Apple decides to make significant hardware changes, such as launching a foldable iPhone, will their events regain their former excitement.

Compared to Unpacked, Apple iPhone events have become a snoozefest

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The Apple iPhone launch events have historically been characterized by excitement and anticipation. Even those who weren’t dedicated Apple fans or iPhone users would tune in to see the latest improvements made to the highly popular smartphone lineup. However, in recent years, these events have lost some of their charm and have been labeled as snoozefests. This article will explore the reasons behind this decline in excitement and charm, focusing on the lack of major hardware changes, incremental and evolutionary updates, copying features from competitors, and a comparison with Samsung’s Unpacked events.

Reasons behind the Snoozefest

Lack of Major Hardware Changes

One of the primary factors contributing to the snoozefest atmosphere of iPhone events is the lack of major hardware changes. In recent generations, iPhones have had a strikingly similar design, leaving little room for excitement or anticipation of a fresh and innovative look. The focus seems to have shifted away from pushing boundaries and exploring new design possibilities, resulting in a lack of visual novelty.

Another hardware change that underwhelmed enthusiasts was Apple’s decision to shift from the lightning port to USB-C. While this may have been prompted by external factors such as EU regulations, it does little to generate excitement among consumers who were expecting more substantial hardware changes. Additionally, the introduction of a recycled Bixby button, seemingly borrowed from Samsung, only reinforces the perception that Apple is lacking originality and relying on imitation rather than innovation.

Incremental and Evolutionary Updates

Apple’s iPhone events have become known for their incremental and evolutionary updates rather than revolutionary features. Gone are the days when Apple would surprise the world with groundbreaking advancements in camera technology or software. Instead, the company seems content with making minor changes and amplifying their significance through its renowned reality distortion field.

While incremental updates may be necessary to polish and refine existing features, they do little to generate excitement or captivate the audience. Consumers have come to expect more from Apple, and the lack of revolutionary features has left many underwhelmed.

Copying Features from Competitors

Apple’s attempts to copy features from its competitors have further contributed to the snoozefest atmosphere of iPhone events. One notable example is Apple’s endeavor to replicate the zoom capabilities of Samsung’s phones. However, in doing so, Apple fell short of expectations, resulting in a feature that was perceived as a pale imitation of its Samsung counterpart.

These hardware changes that are seen as rip-offs of features available in competitors’ devices only reinforce the notion that Apple is no longer at the forefront of innovation. Instead of leading the industry with original and groundbreaking features, Apple is now perceived as playing catch-up, which diminishes the excitement surrounding iPhone events.

Comparison with Samsung’s Unpacked Events

A direct comparison between Apple’s iPhone events and Samsung’s Unpacked events highlights the snoozefest atmosphere of the former. Samsung has made significant strides in recent years, particularly with its foldable phones, which have generated excitement and anticipation among consumers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Samsung’s approach to its Unpacked events, with each new iteration held in a different city and aligned with the company’s values, adds an element of freshness and uniqueness to the events. This change of venue enhances the overall experience for attendees and makes the events more than just glorified press conferences.

Samsung’s advancements in foldable phone technology, coupled with its ability to showcase engineering prowess and technological advancements, have set a high bar for launch events. The contrast between Samsung’s exciting Unpacked events and Apple’s lackluster iPhone events only serves to highlight the decline in charm and excitement of the latter.

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Samsung’s Approach to Exciting Launch Events

Samsung has successfully revitalized its launch events through several strategic approaches. For starters, the company now conducts its Unpacked events in different cities each year. This not only adds an element of surprise but also allows Samsung to connect with people all over the world on a deeper level. The choice of venue aligns with Samsung’s values and creates additional excitement surrounding the event.

Furthermore, Samsung goes the extra mile to ensure that its events are more than just glorified press conferences. By showcasing engineering prowess and emphasizing technological advancements, Samsung creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. It demonstrates its commitment to pushing boundaries and driving innovation, further enhancing the appeal of its launch events.

Leaks and Excitement

Leaks have become a common occurrence leading up to major tech events, and iPhone events are no exception. Unfortunately, leaks can dent the excitement and diminish the surprise factor, leaving little room for genuine anticipation. Apple’s events have been particularly susceptible to leaks, which further contributes to the snoozefest atmosphere surrounding them.

In contrast, Samsung has managed to create a sense of assurance that its events will still deliver exciting reveals, despite the leaks. By consistently delivering notable advancements and surprising features, Samsung has earned the trust of consumers and tech enthusiasts, ensuring that there is always something exciting to see, regardless of leaks.

Compared to Unpacked, Apple iPhone events have become a snoozefest

Future Possibilities for iPhone Events

While the current state of iPhone events may be less exciting than they once were, there is hope for change in the future. Anticipation remains for major hardware changes that could reclaim the excitement that was once associated with iPhone launch events. Additionally, the potential launch of a foldable iPhone has the potential to reignite interest and generate a new level of excitement among consumers.

As technology continues to evolve and consumer expectations evolve with it, Apple has an opportunity to once again lead the industry with innovative features and design choices. By addressing the criticisms surrounding the lack of major hardware changes and focusing on groundbreaking advancements, Apple can restore the charm and excitement of its iPhone events.


In conclusion, the Apple iPhone events have experienced a decline in excitement and charm in recent years. This can be attributed to several factors, including the lack of major hardware changes, incremental and evolutionary updates, copying features from competitors, and a comparison with Samsung’s more exciting Unpacked events.

To create a more captivating experience for attendees, Apple needs to focus on delivering revolutionary features and design choices. By introducing major hardware changes and addressing consumer expectations, Apple can reclaim the excitement and anticipation that was once associated with iPhone launch events. Only then can these events transition from snoozefests to exciting showcases of innovation.

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