Everyday SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K | Samsung


In the video titled “Everyday SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K | Samsung,” Sonny showcases the convenience and ease of using the SmartThings home system. He invites viewers to join him on his day off at home as he demonstrates how this single feature significantly improves his daily life. With the SmartThings system, Sonny can effortlessly watch TV, play games, manage his devices, and stay connected with work and friends, all from the comfort of his sofa. Sonny highlights the seamless connectivity and energy-saving capabilities of Samsung products, expressing his satisfaction with the system’s ability to enhance his gaming experience and simplify household tasks.

SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K

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SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K is a revolutionary home system that offers a seamless integration of various devices, enhanced gaming experiences, efficient device management, improved work and productivity, staying connected with friends and family, convenient controls, energy efficiency, home automation, and so much more. With the combination of SmartThings technology and the cutting-edge Neo QLED 8K display, Samsung has truly redefined smart living.

Benefits of SmartThings

The SmartThings platform offers numerous benefits to users. With SmartThings, users can have centralized control over all their devices, streamlining their user experience. This integration simplifies the management and operation of devices, making it more convenient and efficient for users to control their smart appliances. SmartThings also provides energy efficiency features, enabling users to monitor and optimize their energy usage. Additionally, SmartThings enhances security with its home automation capabilities, allowing users to remotely monitor and manage their security systems.

Everyday SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K | Samsung

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Neo QLED 8K Features

The Neo QLED 8K display is at the forefront of display technology, offering stunning visuals and immersive experiences. This display features Quantum Matrix Technology, which enables precise and accurate contrast control, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter whites. The Neo QLED 8K also utilizes Quantum HDR to produce lifelike colors and vibrant imagery. With its Infinity Screen design, the Neo QLED 8K delivers a truly immersive viewing experience without distractions. Additionally, this display incorporates Object Tracking Sound Pro, which creates a 3D audio experience that perfectly matches the visuals on the screen.

Watch TV

Seamless Integration

With SmartThings technology, users can seamlessly integrate their Neo QLED 8K TV with other smart devices in their homes. This integration allows users to control their smart appliances directly from their TV, eliminating the need to switch between multiple devices or remotes. Users can easily adjust their lights, temperature, and other smart features without leaving the comfort of their couch.

Smart Controls

SmartThings offers intuitive and user-friendly controls for the Neo QLED 8K TV. Users can use the SmartThings app or the One Remote Control to navigate through channels, adjust settings, and access their favorite streaming platforms with just a few clicks. The SmartThings app also provides personalized recommendations based on users’ viewing habits and preferences, making it easier than ever to discover new content.

Customization Options

The Neo QLED 8K TV allows users to personalize their viewing experience with various customization options. Users can adjust the picture and sound settings to their liking, ensuring an optimal and immersive experience. The TV also supports multiple viewing modes, such as Game Mode for gaming enthusiasts and Movie Mode for cinematic experiences. With SmartThings, users can create custom profiles for different members of the household, tailoring the TV settings to their individual preferences.

Everyday SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K | Samsung

Gaming Experience

Enhanced Immersion

The combination of the Neo QLED 8K display and SmartThings technology provides a truly immersive gaming experience. The vibrant colors, deep blacks, and bright whites of the Neo QLED 8K display bring games to life, making every detail and texture pop. Coupled with the Object Tracking Sound Pro technology, users can enjoy a 3D audio experience that immerses them in the game world, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Optimized Settings

SmartThings optimizes the display settings of the Neo QLED 8K TV for gaming, ensuring minimal lag and optimal performance. The TV automatically detects when a game is being played and adjusts the settings accordingly, reducing input lag and motion blur. With optimized settings, gamers can enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay without any distractions, giving them a competitive edge.

Synchronized Lighting

SmartThings allows users to synchronize their smart lighting with their gaming sessions. Users can create customized lighting scenes that change with the game’s atmosphere, creating a more immersive and engaging experience. Whether it’s the warm glow of a sunset or the intense colors of a battlefield, the synchronized lighting adds an extra dimension to gaming.

Device Management

Connected Appliances

SmartThings enables users to easily manage and control their connected appliances. Users can monitor the status of their appliances, receive notifications, and control their devices remotely through the SmartThings app. Whether it’s turning on the air conditioning before arriving home or checking if the fridge needs restocking, SmartThings puts users in control and makes managing household devices a breeze.

Energy Efficiency

SmartThings offers energy efficiency features that help users monitor and optimize their energy consumption. Users can track the energy usage of their appliances in real-time, identify energy-draining devices, and make informed decisions to reduce their energy consumption. SmartThings also provides automation options to schedule the operation of devices, ensuring they are only used when needed and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Easy Setup

Setting up devices with SmartThings is quick and straightforward. The SmartThings app guides users through the installation process, providing step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting options. The app also offers a device discovery feature that automatically detects compatible devices in the vicinity, making the setup process even more seamless.

Everyday SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K | Samsung

Work and Productivity

Remote Access

SmartThings enables users to stay connected with work even when they are away from their desks. With remote access capabilities, users can access their work files, applications, and documents from their Neo QLED 8K TV. This feature allows users to work comfortably from their couch, eliminating the need for multiple devices or the hassle of transferring files.

Collaboration Tools

SmartThings supports various collaboration tools that enhance productivity. Users can connect their Neo QLED 8K TV with video conferencing platforms, allowing them to join virtual meetings and collaborate with colleagues directly from their TV. Additionally, SmartThings integrates with popular productivity apps, such as task management tools and note-taking applications, making it easy for users to organize their work and stay productive.

Efficient Workflow

SmartThings offers features that streamline the workflow and improve productivity. Users can create customized shortcuts to frequently used applications, documents, or websites, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus. The SmartThings app also provides reminders, task lists, and calendar integration, helping users stay organized and focused on their work.

Staying Connected

Social Media Integration

SmartThings makes it easy for users to stay connected with their social media accounts. Users can access their favorite social media platforms directly from their Neo QLED 8K TV, browsing through their feeds, posting updates, and interacting with friends and followers. The large and immersive display of the Neo QLED 8K enhances the social media experience, allowing users to fully engage with their online presence.

Instant Messaging

SmartThings supports a variety of instant messaging platforms, enabling users to chat and communicate with friends and family from their TV. Users can send messages, make video calls, and share media with ease, all from the comfort of their living room. SmartThings ensures that users are always connected and able to maintain their relationships, even when they are not physically together.

Video Calls

With the integration of video calling platforms, users can make high-quality video calls directly from their Neo QLED 8K TV. Whether it’s catching up with loved ones or participating in virtual meetings, the large and immersive display provides a more engaging video call experience. SmartThings ensures that users can connect with others easily and conveniently, fostering meaningful connections.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Voice Control

SmartThings supports voice control technology, allowing users to control their Neo QLED 8K TV using voice commands. Users can change channels, adjust settings, and access apps simply by speaking to their TV. Voice control eliminates the need for remotes or even physical contact with the TV, providing a hands-free and convenient control option.

Smartphone App

The SmartThings app serves as a central hub for controlling and managing all connected devices. Through the app, users can access a wide range of features and settings, customize their preferences, and receive notifications about their devices. The app also offers remote control capabilities, allowing users to manage their devices from anywhere, at any time.

One Remote Control

The Neo QLED 8K TV comes with a sleek and user-friendly One Remote Control. This single remote can control both the TV and other compatible devices, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls. The One Remote Control features an intuitive interface and dedicated buttons for quick access to popular apps and settings, making it easy for users to navigate and control their devices.

Energy Efficiency

Intelligent Power Management

SmartThings provides intelligent power management features that help users optimize their energy consumption. Users can set schedules for their devices, allowing them to turn on or off at specific times. By automating the operation of devices, users can ensure that energy is used efficiently, reducing unnecessary power consumption and saving on energy costs.

Energy Monitoring

Users can monitor their energy usage in real-time through the SmartThings app. The app provides detailed information about the energy consumption of each connected device, allowing users to identify energy-draining appliances and take appropriate actions to reduce their usage. The energy monitoring feature promotes awareness and empowers users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

Sustainability Features

SmartThings supports eco-friendly features that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Users can enable energy-saving modes, such as automatic brightness adjustment and power-saving settings, to minimize their energy usage. SmartThings also integrates with smart thermostats and energy-efficient appliances, further promoting energy conservation and sustainability.

Home Automation

Smart Lighting

SmartThings allows users to automate their lighting systems, creating personalized lighting scenes and schedules. Users can adjust the color, brightness, and timing of their lights to match their preferences or activities. Smart lighting not only enhances the ambiance of a space but also contributes to energy savings by ensuring that lights are only used when needed.

Security Systems

SmartThings integrates with home security systems, providing users with comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. Users can remotely arm or disarm their security systems, receive instant notifications about security events, and view live feeds from security cameras. With SmartThings, users can have peace of mind knowing that their home is protected and easily manageable.

Climate Control

SmartThings enables users to automate their climate control systems for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Users can set schedules for their air conditioning or heating systems, ensuring that their homes are at the desired temperature when they arrive. SmartThings also supports temperature sensors and intelligent thermostats, allowing users to monitor and adjust their climate settings remotely.


SmartThings with Neo QLED 8K brings the future of smart living to your home. With its seamless integration, advanced features, and user-friendly controls, it transforms the way we watch TV, game, manage our devices, and stay connected with work and friends. SmartThings simplifies our lives, enhances our experiences, and promotes energy efficiency. The combination of SmartThings technology and the Neo QLED 8K display truly represents the future of smart living, revolutionizing the way we interact with our homes and devices. Embrace the power of SmartThings and Neo QLED 8K for a smarter, more connected, and more enjoyable everyday life.

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