Galaxy S21 FE receives October 2023 security update in Europe


The Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung’s popular mid-range smartphone, has received the highly anticipated October 2023 security update in Europe. Following the release of the update for flagship devices, Samsung has now made it available for older mid-range and entry-level phones. The Galaxy S21 FE, known for its impressive features and affordable price point, is the latest phone in Europe to receive this important security enhancement. This update brings the firmware version G990BXXS6EWJ1 for the SM-G990B model and G990B2XXS5EWJ1 for the slightly newer SM-G990B2 model. It is now accessible in multiple European countries. While the update focuses on security improvements, it does not introduce any new features or performance enhancements. Users in Europe can check for the update through the “Settings” menu or manually flash the firmware file using the Odin tool. Overall, this update aims to provide a more secure and reliable experience for Galaxy S21 FE users in Europe.

Galaxy S21 FE receives October 2023 security update in Europe

Samsung has recently released the October 2023 security update for its Galaxy S21 FE smartphone in Europe. This update aims to enhance the security measures of the device and protect users from potential vulnerabilities.

Galaxy S21 FE receives October 2023 security update in Europe

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Galaxy S21 FE is getting October 2023 security update in Europe

The Galaxy S21 FE, specifically the model SM-G990B, is now receiving the October 2023 security update. This update is available for users in various European countries. Additionally, the model SM-G990B2 is also getting the same security update across Europe.

Firmware versions for different models

The firmware version associated with the Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990B) is G990BXXS6EWJ1. Meanwhile, the slightly newer model SM-G990B2 comes with firmware version G990B2XXS5EWJ1. Users can check the firmware version on their devices to determine if they have received the latest update.

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Availability of the update in European countries

The October 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 FE is available in several European countries. Users from countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom can expect to receive this update. Samsung aims to ensure that users across Europe can benefit from the enhanced security measures.

Details of the security update

According to Samsung’s documentation, the October 2023 security update addresses numerous security flaws that were present in the previous software version. These flaws could potentially compromise the device’s security and user data. By installing the update, users can protect their Galaxy S21 FE smartphones from these vulnerabilities.

It is important to note that this update focuses solely on security and does not introduce any new features, performance improvements, or reliability enhancements. The primary goal is to reinforce the device’s security infrastructure.

Galaxy S21 FE receives October 2023 security update in Europe

No new features or improvements

As mentioned earlier, the October 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 FE does not bring any new features or improvements to the device. While Samsung regularly releases updates that include new features and enhancements, this specific update solely focuses on strengthening the device’s security measures.

Checking for the update on Galaxy S21 FE

Users who reside in Europe and own a Galaxy S21 FE can check for the October 2023 security update by following a few simple steps. Firstly, navigate to the device’s Settings menu. From there, locate the Software update option and tap on it. Finally, select the Download and install option to initiate the update process. Users should ensure that they have a stable internet connection to download and install the update seamlessly.

Galaxy S21 FE receives October 2023 security update in Europe

Manually flashing the firmware

For users who prefer not to wait for the update to be delivered to their device over-the-air, there is an alternative method to manually install the firmware. This requires a Windows PC and the Odin tool. By utilizing these tools, users can flash the firmware file onto their Galaxy S21 FE devices. Detailed instructions can be found on Samsung’s official website.

Downloading firmware file from the firmware database

To manually install the October 2023 security update, users can download the appropriate firmware file from Samsung’s firmware database. This database contains a collection of firmware files for various Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S21 FE. By selecting the correct firmware file for their specific device model, users can ensure a successful manual installation of the update.

Video review of Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S21 FE

In addition to the security update, Samsung enthusiasts can also enjoy a video review comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 with the Galaxy S21 FE. This video provides an in-depth analysis of the two devices, highlighting their key features and differences. As technology enthusiasts continue to explore the possibilities of the latest smartphone models, such reviews serve as valuable resources for making informed purchasing decisions.


The Galaxy S21 FE receiving the October 2023 security update in Europe demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to ensuring the security and safety of its users. By addressing security vulnerabilities and providing timely updates, Samsung aims to protect the valuable user data stored on their devices. Whether users choose to update their devices over-the-air or manually install the firmware, the priority remains the same: safeguarding the Galaxy S21 FE and delivering a secure user experience.

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