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The Galaxy Z Flip5 has been receiving rave reviews from experts, and Samsung has compiled a video highlighting the key points from these reviews. The video introduces the design and form factor of the phone, emphasizing its flat-folding hinge that contributes to enhanced durability and a more compact feel. The “flex window” feature, which offers a larger cover display for checking the time and reading notifications, is also highlighted. Additionally, the video showcases the improved camera viewfinder and the expanded control options for settings and filters. Overall, the feedback suggests that the Galaxy Z Flip5 is one of the most recommended foldable phones on the market, offering a unique and enjoyable user experience.

The video includes reviews from prominent tech reviewers such as Marques Brownlee, Hayls World, and Ella. Samsung clarifies that the views expressed in the video are subjective and represents the opinions of the reviewers. The company also reminds viewers that these experiences may not be representative of their own, urging caution against assuming typical results. Nevertheless, the positive feedback surrounding the Galaxy Z Flip5’s design, performance, and features ensures a captivating overview of the phone and its capabilities.

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Design & Form Factor

The Galaxy Z Flip5 introduces several improvements in terms of design and form factor. One of the standout features is the folding mechanism, which allows the phone to fold completely flat. This not only enhances the compactness of the device but also reduces the number of moving parts, increasing its long-term durability. The overall design feels more polished and compact, making it easy to hold and handle. Users will appreciate the sleek and sophisticated aesthetic of the Galaxy Z Flip5.

Flex Window

The Galaxy Z Flip5 comes with a revolutionary feature called the Flex Window, which offers a massive improvement in functionality. The Flex Window provides users with a larger screen space for checking the time and reading notifications. With the addition of the Multi-start app from Good Luck, users can now run any app on the phone and open and browse literally any application, including popular ones like Amazon, Google, Instagram, and even TikTok. This level of multitasking capability is truly impressive and enhances the overall user experience. Samsung is also releasing a cover with inserts, allowing users to customize the Flex Window and change the cover screen wallpaper to match the case. This feature adds a fun and personalized touch to the phone.

Galaxy Z Flip5: Expert Review Highlights | Samsung

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Cover Screen

The Galaxy Z Flip5 introduces an improved camera viewfinder on the cover screen. The camera viewfinder is now larger and more reliable, allowing users to frame up shots with ease. Users can rely on the cover screen to capture their favorite moments, taking advantage of the better main camera on the Galaxy Z Flip5. Additionally, Samsung has added more settings to the camera app, such as adjusting the aspect ratio and applying filters, providing users with more control over their photography. The high-quality photos taken with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s main camera are crisp and stunning, showcasing the enhanced camera capabilities of the device.


Powered by the efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers impressive performance. The processor ensures smooth and responsive operation, making tasks such as opening apps and navigating through the phone quick and seamless. The device is capable of handling heavy gaming, providing users with an immersive gaming experience. Despite its small size, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers good battery life, especially for lighter tasks like social media usage. Users can expect a reliable and efficient performance from the Galaxy Z Flip5.

Galaxy Z Flip5: Expert Review Highlights | Samsung

Reviewer: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, provides a positive evaluation of the Galaxy Z Flip5. He praises the compact and polished design of the device, noting its improved folding mechanism and overall form factor. He also highlights the enhanced Flex Window and camera, emphasizing their functionality and customization options. In terms of performance, Brownlee commends the efficiency and good battery life of the Galaxy Z Flip5. His review serves as a recommendation for the device.

Reviewer: Hayls World

Hayls World offers a positive evaluation of both the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5. She is particularly impressed with the Flex Window and its multitasking capabilities, mentioning the ease of opening and browsing any application. Hayls World also appreciates the creative customization options available for the Flex Window. Furthermore, she highlights the enhanced camera viewfinder on the cover screen and its reliability in framing up shots. Her review showcases the strengths of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5.

Galaxy Z Flip5: Expert Review Highlights | Samsung

Reviewer: Created by Ella

Created by Ella provides a positive review of the Galaxy Z Flip5. Ella describes the design of the device as adorable and fun, capturing the appeal of the phone’s aesthetics. She expresses excitement about the Flex Window customization options, emphasizing the novelty and enjoyment of personalizing the phone. Ella also mentions the improved camera capabilities, showcasing her satisfaction with the Galaxy Z Flip5. Her review adds to the positive reception of the device.

Subjective Views and Disclaimer

It is important to recognize that the reviews provided by the reviewers in the video are subjective in nature. Their opinions reflect personal experiences and preferences, which may not necessarily align with the experiences of other users. Samsung makes no claim regarding the typical experience of consumers and does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the reviewers’ subjective views. The views expressed in the video may have been edited for clarity or shortened, and viewers should exercise discretion when interpreting them.


The Galaxy Z Flip5 is a highly recommended foldable device that offers a remarkable combination of design, functionality, and performance. Its noteworthy design and form factor, including the improved folding mechanism, contribute to a compact and polished aesthetic. The Flex Window introduces a massive improvement, providing enhanced screen space for various tasks and supporting multitasking capabilities through the Good Luck app. With customizable options and a larger camera viewfinder on the cover screen, the Galaxy Z Flip5 excels in capturing high-quality photos. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the device delivers efficient performance and boasts good battery life. Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip5 stands as a top choice for those seeking a foldable phone that excels in design, functionality, and performance.

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