Google introduces new design for Android Auto with enhanced Google Maps


Google has introduced a new design update for Android Auto, specifically enhancing the Google Maps feature. While Android Auto has received various design improvements in the past, this update focuses on making the Google Maps interface appear more modern. The navigation screen has been revamped to reduce clutter, with the Estimated Travel Time being particularly emphasized at the top. The distance remaining, ETA information, and various navigation buttons are displayed below in a more organized manner. The latest design update also includes a translucent sidebar for important buttons, creating a less crowded visual experience. Although the update is currently only available to select users, it showcases Google’s continuous efforts to enhance the user experience on Android Auto.

Android Auto update brings improved Google Maps design

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Android Auto, a popular infotainment system for vehicles, has received numerous design improvements over the years. However, most of these improvements have been minor in nature. Google, the developer of Android Auto, is now rolling out a design update for Google Maps, one of the key apps featured in Android Auto. This update aims to enhance the modern look of Google Maps and provide users with a more refined and user-friendly experience.

Minor design improvement for Google Maps

With this update, Google Maps receives a minor design improvement that focuses on streamlining the visual presentation of information. The objective of this design update is to create a more visually pleasing and modern appearance for the app. By enhancing the aesthetics of Google Maps, Google aims to make the app more engaging and appealing to users. This design improvement also aligns with Google’s overall approach to consistently refining and evolving the user experience across their products and services.

Google introduces new design for Android Auto with enhanced Google Maps

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Less crowded navigation screen

One of the key areas that has been addressed in this design update is the navigation screen in Google Maps. Previously, the navigation screen contained a large amount of information, which could sometimes create a sense of clutter and make it challenging for users to quickly grasp the relevant details. The new design focuses on simplifying the information displayed on the navigation screen, making it less crowded and more user-friendly.

Layout changes in navigation screen

To achieve a less crowded navigation screen, several layout changes have been implemented. The most notable change is the top placement of the Estimated Travel Time, which is now displayed prominently. This placement allows users to immediately access this crucial information without any visual distractions. The display of the distance remaining and the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) information has been simplified and positioned below the Estimated Travel Time. Additionally, navigation buttons, such as stop navigation, alternate routes, and search for more locations, have been repositioned to enhance accessibility and usability. Furthermore, the removal of the separator line between these buttons creates a more seamless and visually cohesive interface.

Google introduces new design for Android Auto with enhanced Google Maps

Image of the new design

To provide a visual representation of the updated design, an accompanying image showcases the changes made to Google Maps. By comparing the new design with the previous iteration, users can easily identify the notable visual changes. This image serves as an effective tool for illustrating how the design update enhances the user experience and improves the overall aesthetics of the app.

Limited availability

While the design update is being rolled out, its availability is currently limited. This means that even if users have the latest beta version of Android Auto and Google Maps installed on their devices, they may not immediately see the new Google Maps design. The deployment of the update is being conducted on a server-side basis, with gradual expansion to a wider user base expected over time. Therefore, users who do not currently have access to the updated design may need to wait until it becomes more widely available.

Google introduces new design for Android Auto with enhanced Google Maps

Design improvements in previous updates

Google has consistently worked on improving the design of Android Auto and its associated apps. In previous updates, significant design improvements have been introduced to enhance the user experience. These improvements have focused on various aspects, such as visual aesthetics, usability, and accessibility. Google’s commitment to regular design enhancements reflects their dedication to continually refining and evolving the Android Auto ecosystem.

Translucent sidebar with important buttons

Among the notable design improvements introduced in recent updates is the introduction of a translucent sidebar. This sidebar displays essential buttons, including settings, mute sounds, orientation, zoom in, and zoom out. By incorporating this translucent sidebar, Google has effectively reduced the visual clutter that was present in earlier designs. This enhancement contributes to an enhanced user experience by offering a cleaner and more organized appearance.

Google introduces new design for Android Auto with enhanced Google Maps


In conclusion, the recent update to Android Auto brings a minor yet significant design improvement to Google Maps. This update aims to enhance the modern look of Google Maps and provide users with a more refined and user-friendly experience. By addressing the issues of crowded information and implementing layout changes, Google has taken steps to improve the navigation screen in Google Maps. The limited availability of the design update may require users to be patient until it becomes more widely accessible. Overall, these design improvements demonstrate Google’s commitment to constantly evolving and improving the Android Auto experience.

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