How To Connect Airpods To Samsung


So you’re the proud owner of a shiny new pair of AirPods and a Samsung device, but you’re not quite sure how to connect the two? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll guide you step by step on how to seamlessly connect your AirPods to your Samsung device, allowing you to enjoy wireless audio and a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie, by the end of this article, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite tunes in no time. So let’s jump right in and get your AirPods connected to your Samsung!

Checking Compatibility

AirPods Compatibility

Before attempting to pair your AirPods with a Samsung device, it is important to ensure that your AirPods are compatible. AirPods are designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices, but they can also be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Compatibility

Samsung devices, such as Galaxy smartphones and tablets, are known for their versatility and compatibility with a wide range of accessories. When it comes to using AirPods with Samsung devices, the compatibility is dependent on the Bluetooth technology and software versions of both the AirPods and the Samsung device. It is recommended to check the compatibility of your specific AirPods model and Samsung device before proceeding with the pairing process.

Pairing AirPods with Samsung

To pair your AirPods with a Samsung device, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Bluetooth Settings on Samsung

On your Samsung device, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Bluetooth option. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 2: Put AirPods in Pairing Mode

To put your AirPods in pairing mode, open the AirPods case and press and hold the button on the back of the case until the LED light on the front starts flashing white. This indicates that the AirPods are now in pairing mode.

Step 3: Select AirPods from the Bluetooth Devices List

On your Samsung device, you should see a list of available Bluetooth devices. Look for the name of your AirPods and tap on it to initiate the pairing process.

Step 4: Complete the Pairing Process

Follow the on-screen instructions on your Samsung device to complete the pairing process. Once the pairing is successful, you will be able to use your AirPods with your Samsung device.

How To Connect Airpods To Samsung


If you encounter any issues during the pairing process or while using your AirPods with your Samsung device, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

Make Sure AirPods are Fully Charged

Before attempting to pair your AirPods with your Samsung device, make sure they are fully charged. Low battery levels can affect the pairing process and the performance of your AirPods.

Reset AirPods

If you are experiencing connection or functionality issues with your AirPods, you can try resetting them. To reset your AirPods, place them in the case, open the lid, and press and hold the button on the back of the case until the LED light on the front flashes amber. After resetting, you can try pairing them again with your Samsung device.

Reset Network Settings on Samsung

If you are still having trouble pairing your AirPods with your Samsung device, try resetting the network settings on your Samsung device. This can help to resolve any underlying connectivity issues. To reset network settings, go to the Settings menu, select General Management, and choose Reset. From there, select Reset Network Settings.

Update Samsung Software

Outdated software on your Samsung device can sometimes cause compatibility issues with Bluetooth devices like AirPods. Make sure that your Samsung device is running the latest software version available. Check for software updates by going to the Settings menu, selecting Software Update, and tapping on Download and Install if an update is available.

Contact Support

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and are still unable to successfully pair your AirPods with your Samsung device, it is recommended to reach out to the respective support teams. Apple support can help with AirPods-related issues, while Samsung support can assist with any device-specific problems.

Using AirPods with Samsung

Once you have successfully paired your AirPods with your Samsung device, you can enjoy a seamless audio experience. Here are some key features and functionalities you can utilize:

Listening to Music

You can use your AirPods to listen to music stored on your Samsung device or stream music from various apps. Simply play your desired music source on your Samsung device, and the audio will be transmitted wirelessly to your AirPods.

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

AirPods can also be used for making and receiving phone calls on your Samsung device. The built-in microphone in the AirPods allows you to have clear and hands-free conversations. When a call comes in, simply tap on your AirPods to answer it, and the call audio will be routed to your AirPods.

Using Siri or Google Assistant

AirPods are equipped with voice-activated personal assistants, Siri and Google Assistant. By using the “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” voice commands, you can access various functions of your Samsung device, such as sending messages, setting reminders, or getting directions, all without having to touch your device.

Customizing AirPods Settings on Samsung

Although AirPods are primarily designed for use with Apple devices, you can still customize certain settings when using them with your Samsung device. In the Bluetooth settings menu on your Samsung device, you can adjust the double-tap gesture settings, enable or disable Automatic Ear Detection, and customize other preferences according to your liking.

How To Connect Airpods To Samsung

Switching Between Devices

If you frequently use multiple devices, such as both a Samsung device and an Apple device, you may need to switch between them when using your AirPods. Here’s how you can do it:

Disconnecting AirPods from Samsung

To disconnect your AirPods from your Samsung device, go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your Samsung device and tap on the “i” icon next to the name of your AirPods. From the options that appear, select “Forget this device” or “Disconnect.”

Connecting AirPods to Another Device

To connect your AirPods to another device, such as an Apple device, follow the standard pairing process for that specific device. Put your AirPods in pairing mode and select them from the Bluetooth devices list on the new device.

Reconnecting AirPods to Samsung

To reconnect your AirPods to your Samsung device after using them with another device, simply open the AirPods case near your Samsung device and they should automatically reconnect. If they do not automatically connect, you can manually select them from the Bluetooth devices list on your Samsung device.

Alternatives for Samsung Users

While AirPods offer a great wireless audio experience, it is worth considering Samsung’s own Galaxy Buds as an alternative. Galaxy Buds are specifically designed for seamless integration with Samsung devices and offer similar features to AirPods. Additionally, there are numerous other Bluetooth earphones and headphones available in the market that are compatible with Samsung devices.

How To Connect Airpods To Samsung

Maintaining a Stable Connection

To ensure a stable connection between your AirPods and your Samsung device, it is important to follow these tips:

Keep AirPods and Samsung in Proximity

Bluetooth connections can become weak if there are too many obstacles or if the distance between the devices is too far. Keep your AirPods and Samsung device close to each other for the best connection quality.

Avoid Interference

Other Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity can interfere with the connection between your AirPods and your Samsung device. Try to minimize interference by turning off or moving away from other devices or networks.

Keep Firmware Updated

It is important to keep the firmware of both your AirPods and your Samsung device up to date. Firmware updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can enhance the stability of the connection between the devices.

Understanding Feature Differences

While AirPods can be used with Samsung devices, it is important to note that some features may not be fully accessible or may have limitations. Here are a few feature differences to consider:

Loss of Some AirPods Features

AirPods are designed to deliver the best experience when used with Apple devices. Certain features, such as seamless device switching and advanced battery status information, may not be available or may have limited functionality when used with Samsung devices.

No Automatic Device Switching

Unlike when using AirPods with Apple devices, switching between multiple devices may require manual disconnection and reconnection when using AirPods with Samsung devices. This means that you may need to go through the Bluetooth settings each time you want to switch between your Samsung device and another device.

Compatibility Issues with Samsung-Specific Features

AirPods may not be compatible with certain Samsung-specific features or apps that are designed to work exclusively with Samsung audio accessories. Some advanced features or optimizations may not be available when using AirPods with Samsung devices.

Taking Advantage of AirPods Features on Samsung

While there may be limitations when using AirPods with Samsung devices, there are still certain features and functionalities that you can take advantage of:

Enabling Automatic Ear Detection

AirPods have a built-in sensor that detects when they are inserted in your ears. You can enable this feature on your Samsung device by going to the Bluetooth settings menu and selecting your AirPods. From there, toggle the option for “Automatic Ear Detection” to enable it. This feature allows the AirPods to automatically pause playback when you remove them from your ears.

Customize Gestures

AirPods allow you to customize the gestures associated with the double-tap functionality. On your Samsung device, you can go to the Bluetooth settings menu, select your AirPods, and customize the actions for both the left and right AirPod. This allows you to control functions such as playing or pausing music, skipping tracks, or activating voice assistants with a double-tap gesture.

Using Transparency Mode

AirPods Pro offer a Transparency Mode, which allows you to listen to music or take phone calls while still being aware of your surroundings. To enable this feature on your Samsung device, you can use the AirPods settings menu or customize the double-tap gestures to activate Transparency Mode.

Find My AirPods

While Find My AirPods is a feature specifically designed for Apple devices, there are third-party apps available for Samsung devices that provide similar functionality. These apps can help you locate your lost AirPods by showing their last known location or playing a sound to help you find them.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you should now be able to connect and use your AirPods with your Samsung device. Although there may be some feature differences and limitations when using AirPods with Samsung devices, they still offer a great wireless audio experience. With the necessary adjustments and customization options available, you can make the most out of your AirPods while using them with your Samsung device. Consider exploring Samsung alternatives, such as the Galaxy Buds, for enhanced integration if you prefer a more seamless experience. Enjoy using your AirPods on your Samsung device and continue to enjoy your favorite music, make hands-free calls, and access your digital assistants with ease.

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