Join Samsung PENUP Challenges and Showcase Your Creativity


The article discusses the Samsung PENUP Challenges, a social-centric feature of the Samsung PENUP app. These challenges are issued by Samsung twice a month with fresh themes, inviting PENUP artists to showcase their creativity. At the end of each challenge, ten winners are chosen through popular vote and their artwork is featured in a YouTube video. Additionally, at the end of every month, one PENUP user is selected to be added to the Hall of Fame and is featured in an interview. Users can access the Challenges tab in the app to participate, view submissions from other artists, vote, follow, leave comments, and share creations. The article also mentions that participants can submit art from other apps, not just those made with PENUP, which some users may view as an advantage. Overall, the focus is on encouraging users to express their creativity, improve their drawing skills, and have fun participating in the challenges.

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Joining Samsung PENUP challenges for a chance to enter the Hall of Fame

PENUP Challenges are biweekly events held on the Samsung PENUP app. Every two weeks, Samsung issues a new challenge with a unique theme, inviting PENUP artists to showcase their creativity. These challenges provide an opportunity for users to participate and compete against other artists within the PENUP community. Currently, the challenge titled “Let’s Draw Fox” is active from September 1st to 15th. Participants are required to draw a fox based on their own concept.

At the completion of each challenge, ten winners are selected by PENUP users through popular vote. These winning artworks are then featured in a YouTube video on the official PENUP channel. For example, the “Let’s Draw Fire” challenge, which ended on August 15th, has its own Challenge Review video showcasing the selected winners’ artwork.

Furthermore, at the end of every month (after two challenges), Samsung chooses one PENUP user to be added to the prestigious Hall of Fame. The selected artist is then featured in an interview, highlighting their journey and artistic process. This recognition provides an incredible opportunity for artists to gain exposure and share insights about their passion with the PENUP community.

To stay updated on challenge winners, Hall of Fame announcements, and interviews, PENUP users can refer to the Notices page. Accessing it is straightforward—simply open the PENUP app, navigate to the “Challenges” tab, tap the menu button at the top, and select “Notices.” This dedicated section ensures that users are aware of the latest developments and can easily access valuable information regarding the challenges and winners.

Join Samsung PENUP Challenges and Showcase Your Creativity

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Participating in a PENUP Challenge

Participating in a PENUP Challenge is a simple and straightforward process. To get started, users need to access the “Challenges” tab within the PENUP app and select the desired challenge from the available options.

Once a particular challenge is chosen, users have four submission options available:

  1. Draft: Users can create a draft of their artwork and save it for future modifications before final submission.

  2. Post Images: This option allows users to submit existing images from their gallery. Whether the artwork was created within the PENUP app or using another drawing application is irrelevant. PENUP’s inclusivity allows artists to showcase their talent regardless of the tools they use.

  3. Photo Drawing: Users can take a photo and use it as a reference to draw their artwork. This option adds an element of uniqueness and personalization to the challenge submission.

  4. Drawing: This option allows users to create their artwork directly within the PENUP app using its intuitive drawing tools and features.

Once the artwork is completed and ready for submission, users must ensure that it is submitted before the challenge deadline. This ensures that their creation is included in the selection process.

It’s important to note that using other drawing apps alongside PENUP is allowed and not against the rules. Many artists find that using complementary apps alongside PENUP helps them express their creativity more freely. While some may perceive this as an advantage, bear in mind that the winners are determined through popular vote rather than the tools used. In the end, the emphasis should be on enjoying the creative process and improving one’s drawing skills, with the choice of tools being secondary.

Join Samsung PENUP Challenges and Showcase Your Creativity

Enjoying the PENUP Challenges

Participating in PENUP Challenges is a fantastic way to indulge in the artistic community and showcase one’s talent. Here are a few key points to keep in mind to truly enjoy the experience:

  1. Using complementary apps alongside PENUP: While PENUP offers a variety of powerful drawing tools, some artists may choose to explore other apps that provide more advanced features. This is not only allowed but also encouraged if it helps artists express their creativity more effectively. The focus should be on personal growth and artistic exploration.

  2. Winning is about popular vote, not just the tools used: The PENUP Challenges operate on a popular vote system wherein users select the winning artwork through their votes. This means that the community’s opinion and appreciation play a crucial role in determining the winners. It’s essential to create artwork that resonates with the audience and showcases your unique style, irrespective of the tools used.

  3. Focus on having fun and improving your drawing skills: While recognition and winning are exciting prospects, the primary focus should always be enjoying the creative process. Participating in challenges provides an opportunity to experiment, learn, and grow as an artist. Don’t let the competition overshadow the joy of creating art and refining your skills.

  4. Toolset is secondary to your skills as an artist: The choice of digital drawing tools plays a supporting role in the art creation process. While it’s natural to seek the best tools available, what truly matters is the artist’s skill and creativity. The PENUP Challenges are open to artists of all skill levels, and the emphasis is on the artist’s ability to convey their vision rather than the tools they use. Focus on honing your skills and pushing the boundaries of your artistic capabilities.

PENUP Challenges provide a platform for artists to share their talent, learn from others, and contribute to a vibrant community of creators. By immersing oneself in these challenges and embracing the spirit of creativity, artists can unlock new possibilities and strengthen their artistic journey.

In conclusion, joining Samsung PENUP Challenges offers artists a chance to showcase their creativity, gain recognition, and participate in a thriving community. The biweekly challenges, popular vote system, Hall of Fame, and interview opportunities make this a valuable experience for artists of all skill levels. Remember, the tools you use are secondary to your skills as an artist, so focus on enjoying the process, improving your abilities, and letting your unique voice shine through your art.

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