Lim Young Woong’s ‘Do or Die’ Claims Double Crown on Charts


Lim Young Woong’s latest hit “Do or Die” has achieved an impressive feat, claiming a double crown on the charts. Topping both the overall digital chart and the digital download chart, his song continues to resonate with listeners. Additionally, BTS’s Jungkook has also secured a double crown, reigning over the Global K-Pop chart and the social chart. With multiple songs dominating the charts, these artists are undoubtedly making waves in the music industry. Congratulations to all of the talented artists who have achieved such remarkable success.

Lim Young Woongs Do or Die Claims Double Crown on Charts

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Lim Young Woong’s ‘Do or Die’ Claims Double Crown on Charts

Lim Young Woong, the talented South Korean singer, has achieved an impressive feat on the weekly charts. His latest hit, “Do or Die,” has claimed a double crown, reaching the top position on both the overall digital chart and the digital download chart. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Lim Young Woong’s immense popularity and the undeniable appeal of his music.

Album Chart

In the realm of physical album sales, the boy band TXT has emerged victorious. Their new album, “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL,” has topped this week’s chart. Notably, TXT managed to dominate two of the top four spots, with the regular version of the album taking the coveted number one position and the Weverse version charting separately at number four. Additionally, IVE’s EP “I’VE MINE” debuted strongly at number two, showcasing the group’s rising popularity.

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Overall Digital Chart

Lim Young Woong’s double crown extends to the overall digital chart as well. His hit song “Do or Die” has found immense success among listeners, earning the top spot on this week’s chart. The singer’s ability to captivate audiences with his powerful vocals and emotional performances has undoubtedly played a significant role in his chart-topping success. Following closely behind Lim Young Woong, AKMU secures the second and third spots on the overall digital chart with their catchy tracks “Love Lee” and “Fry’s Dream” respectively. BLACKPINK’s Jennie also makes an impact, with her song “You & Me” reaching number four on the chart. Rounding out the top five is Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji’s “Smoke” from Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2.”

Streaming Chart

For the second consecutive week, AKMU dominates the top three spots on the streaming chart. Their songs “Love Lee” and “Fry’s Dream” maintain their status as the most-streamed tracks, securing the first and second positions respectively. Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji’s “Smoke” follows closely behind at number three. Jennie’s “You & Me” climbs to number four, showcasing the sustained popularity of the track. Meanwhile, NewJeans’ “Super Shy” holds strong at number five, further solidifying its place among the most-streamed songs of the week.

Lim Young Woongs Do or Die Claims Double Crown on Charts

Download Chart

In the realm of digital downloads, Lim Young Woong’s “Do or Die” takes the crown, debuting strongly at number one. The song’s infectious melody and relatable lyrics make it a favorite among listeners, further cementing Lim Young Woong’s status as a rising star in the industry. NCT 127’s “Fact Check” maintains its popularity, securing the second position on the chart. TXT’s latest title track, “Chasing That Feeling,” debuts at number three, showcasing the group’s growing fanbase. Jennie’s “You & Me” and Kim Ho Joong’s “meet you among them” complete the top five download chart rankings at number four and five respectively.

Global K-Pop Chart

BTS’s Jungkook continues to make waves on the global K-pop chart, claiming a double crown for the week. The talented artist tops both the global K-pop chart and the social chart, demonstrating his immense influence and popularity across the globe. Impressively, Jungkook secures three out of the top five spots on the global K-pop chart. His latest single, “3D,” featuring Jack Harlow, maintains its stronghold at number one. Additionally, the explicit version of “Seven” featuring Latto takes the second position, while the clean version of “Seven” lands at number five. Jennie’s “You & Me” climbs to number three, further solidifying the global appeal of her music. NewJeans’ “Super Shy” drops one spot to number four, rounding out the top five on the chart.

Lim Young Woongs Do or Die Claims Double Crown on Charts

Social Chart

Once again, BTS’s Jungkook proves his unrivaled popularity by leading the social chart. He secures the number one spot, showcasing the strong social media presence he commands. FIFTY FIFTY and NewJeans occupy the second and third positions on the social chart respectively, reinforcing their status as rising stars in the industry. BLACKPINK and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo also make their mark, securing the fourth and fifth positions on the chart.

In conclusion, Lim Young Woong’s “Do or Die” has undeniably captured the hearts of listeners, claiming a double crown on the charts. The success of his latest hit further solidifies his position as an emerging powerhouse in the music industry. Additionally, TXT, AKMU, and BTS’s Jungkook have also achieved notable accomplishments on the charts, showcasing the immense talent and popularity of these artists. Overall, this week’s chart rankings highlight the diverse range of musical styles and the remarkable achievements of South Korean artists in the global music scene.

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