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Samsung Display Solutions Case Study: Transforming Higher Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David


This article focuses on a case study conducted by Samsung Display Solutions at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, highlighting their efforts in transforming higher education through digital innovation and immersive learning experiences. The university embarked on a digital transformation project over the past four to six years, incorporating elements such as spatial signages, digital displays, and flexible HyFlex teaching spaces. The collaboration between the university and IDNS, a partner responsible for system integration, revolved around two key pillars – technical discussions and discussions aimed at surpassing technology. The centerpiece of this project is the immersive screen space, featuring an exceptional 18-meter by 3-meter LED screen with a resolution of 12,000 pixels. Various stakeholders, including students, game design students, and employees, have benefited from this cutting-edge technology, enabling them to present their work on a unique platform. Furthermore, the digital displays not only contribute to safety by providing important information to students but also serve as a primary communication tool for students and staff, facilitating events or room changes. The ease of installation and the future-proof nature of Samsung’s ecosystem has allowed the university to enhance its teaching methods and accommodate the evolving needs of its students. The article concludes by emphasizing the benefits of partnership with Samsung in terms of product development, roadmap planning, and the ability to stay ahead and be responsive to students’ needs.

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The University of Wales Trinity Saint David embarked on a digital transformation project over the past four to six years with the aim of enhancing the student and staff experience. As part of this project, spatial signage, digital displays, and flexible hybrid teaching spaces were included. These initiatives aimed to create a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

The Immersive Screen

As part of the digital transformation project, a large-scale LED screen was delivered to the university. The screen boasts impressive image quality, with a resolution of 12,000 pixels. The collaboration between Samsung and Intelligent Digital Network Solutions (IDNS) was instrumental in achieving this state-of-the-art display. Samsung’s expertise in display technology and IDNS’ integration capabilities resulted in a truly immersive visual experience for students and staff.

Samsung Display Solutions Case Study: Transforming Higher Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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Enhancing Learning Experiences

The immersive screen has proven to be a valuable tool for students to showcase their work. Students, especially those studying game design, have benefited greatly from the immersive screen’s capabilities. The screen has allowed them to visualize and present their game designs on a large scale, which has enhanced their learning experience. Furthermore, the university has seen advancements in augmented reality and immersive room technology, enabling students to explore new frontiers in their respective fields.

Digital Signage

Digital signage plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and effective information sharing within the university. It serves as a communication tool for both students and staff, providing important updates and announcements. The installation process for digital signage was seamless, thanks to Samsung’s user-friendly ecosystem. Features such as spatial signage were implemented effortlessly, allowing for easy navigation and communication for everyone within the university community.

Samsung Display Solutions Case Study: Transforming Higher Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Flexible Hybrid Teaching Spaces

To create an inspiring learning environment, the university integrated interactive whiteboards and QM75 displays into its flexible hybrid teaching spaces. These spaces were designed to optimize content delivery and facilitate interactive learning experiences. The inclusion of an 85-inch flipboard and QM75 displays, which act as secondary display screens within the rooms, further enhances the overall learning environment. The aim was to provide students, staff, and lecturers with the best and most inspiring content delivery tools.

Changing Faculty Behavior

The digital transformation project brought about new approaches to teaching and sharing knowledge. It encouraged faculty members to think differently about their teaching methods and how they engage with students. Additionally, the use of data became more prevalent, enabling better decision-making processes. The partnership with Samsung as a single-source supplier has provided numerous benefits, including access to product updates and a clear roadmap for future implementations. This partnership allows the university to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate in response to the evolving needs of students.

Samsung Display Solutions Case Study: Transforming Higher Education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Future Planning

As technology continues to evolve, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David recognizes the importance of keeping up with product advancements. Clear implementation plans are in place to ensure that the benefits derived from the digital transformation project continue to grow. The ongoing partnership with Samsung ensures that the university remains at the forefront of innovation in education.


The integration of immersive screens, digital signage, and flexible hybrid teaching spaces has resulted in increased creativity and efficiency within the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. The digital transformation project has successfully met the evolving needs of students and staff, providing them with cutting-edge tools and technologies to enhance their learning experiences. The collaboration with Samsung has been instrumental in driving innovation and making these advancements possible. Overall, the partnership has brought numerous benefits to the university, enabling it to excel in delivering high-quality education in a digitally enhanced environment.

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