Samsung Galaxy M34 5G: Budget Smartphone with 120Hz Screen and Pro-Grade Camera


The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has made its official debut in Indonesia, boasting an impressive range of features at an affordable price. This budget smartphone offers a large 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring a smooth and immersive viewing experience. Equipped with a pro-grade 50-megapixel camera and supported by a massive 6,000mAh battery, the device delivers exceptional photography and extended use. Furthermore, Samsung provides a robust software support system, offering up to five years of security updates and various audio enhancements such as the Voice Focus feature and Dolby Atmos technology. With its attractive design and powerful specifications, the Galaxy M34 5G is an enticing choice for smartphone users on a budget.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G: Budget Smartphone with 120Hz Screen and Pro-Grade Camera

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Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G in Indonesia offers users three elegant color choices: Midnight Blue, Prism Silver, and Dark Blue. These sleek and stylish options give users the opportunity to personalize their phone to suit their individual preferences.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy M34 5G is its 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen. This display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, providing users with a smooth and responsive experience. Whether scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing games, the high refresh rate ensures that every movement on the screen is fluid and seamless.

To protect the display, Samsung has incorporated Gorilla Glass 5 technology. This durable glass offers resistance to scratches and protects the screen from accidental drops or impacts. This provides users with peace of mind knowing that their phone’s display is safeguarded against potential damage.


The Galaxy M34 5G is powered by the Exynos 1280 chipset, which ensures exceptional performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. This powerful chipset enables users to effortlessly navigate through apps, switch between tasks, and enjoy a lag-free experience.

In terms of memory and storage, the Galaxy M34 5G offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This generous amount of RAM ensures that the phone can handle multiple apps running simultaneously without slowing down or experiencing performance issues. Additionally, the 128GB of internal storage provides ample space for users to store their photos, videos, apps, and other files.

Furthermore, the Galaxy M34 5G also supports expandable storage of up to 1TB with an external microSD card. This allows users to further increase their storage capacity and easily store all their files and media without worrying about running out of space.

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Battery and Charging

For users who prioritize long battery life, the Galaxy M34 5G does not disappoint. It houses a massive 6,000mAh battery, which ensures that users can go through their day without the need for frequent recharges. Whether using the phone for productivity, entertainment, or communication, the large battery capacity provides peace of mind knowing that the phone will last throughout the day.

In addition to the impressive battery capacity, the Galaxy M34 5G supports 25W fast charging. This means that users can quickly charge their phone and get back to using it even faster. With the 25W fast charging capability, the Galaxy M34 5G can recharge up to 43% in just 30 minutes, saving users time and ensuring that they can always rely on their phone when they need it most.


The camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G have also received significant upgrades, making it a great choice for photography enthusiasts and content creators. The device features a 50MP main lens with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which helps to capture sharp and steady photos and videos even in challenging conditions.

In addition to the main lens, the Galaxy M34 5G also features an 8MP ultra-wide lens. This lens allows users to capture stunning wide-angle shots, perfect for landscapes, group photos, or architectural photography. The ultra-wide lens expands the field of view, allowing users to fit more into their frame and create visually appealing compositions.

For close-up photography, the Galaxy M34 5G is equipped with a 2MP macro lens. This lens allows users to capture the smallest details with clarity and precision, perfect for capturing intricate textures or the delicate beauty of nature up close.

The front camera of the Galaxy M34 5G has also been improved from its predecessor, ensuring clear and stunning selfies. With a 13MP front camera, users can capture high-quality self-portraits, whether in well-lit conditions or low-light environments.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G: Budget Smartphone with 120Hz Screen and Pro-Grade Camera

Software and Support

Samsung is known for its commitment to providing regular software updates and security patches to its devices, and the Galaxy M34 5G is no exception. The device offers users 4 Android OS updates, ensuring that users can enjoy the latest features and improvements offered by the Android operating system.

In addition to the OS updates, the Galaxy M34 5G also provides up to 5 years of security updates. This ensures that users can have peace of mind knowing that their device is protected against potential security vulnerabilities and threats. Regular security updates are essential in keeping personal and sensitive information secure, making the Galaxy M34 5G a reliable choice for users concerned about their digital privacy.

The Galaxy M34 5G also features a Voice Focus feature, which minimizes background noise during audio and video calls. This ensures that users can enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication, even in noisy environments. Whether using the device for work or personal use, the Voice Focus feature enhances the audio experience and ensures that users can hear and be heard clearly during calls.

Furthermore, the Galaxy M34 5G is equipped with powerful speakers that are enhanced with Dolby Atmos technology. This provides users with an immersive audio experience, whether listening to music, watching movies, or playing games. The combination of powerful speakers and Dolby Atmos technology ensures that users can enjoy rich, detailed sound with enhanced depth and clarity.

Price and Availability

The recommended retail price for the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G in Indonesia is IDR 4,099,000. However, for early purchasers, there is a discount available. By buying the device before November 12, users can get the Galaxy M34 5G for IDR 3,999,000, and also receive a free 25W Travel Adapter.

This limited-time offer provides users with an opportunity to get their hands on the Galaxy M34 5G at a discounted price and enjoy the benefits of its impressive features and capabilities. Users interested in purchasing the Galaxy M34 5G should take advantage of this offer before it expires.

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G: Budget Smartphone with 120Hz Screen and Pro-Grade Camera


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G offers a compelling package of design, performance, camera capabilities, software support, and affordability. With its sleek design and elegant color choices, it is sure to appeal to users who value style and personalization.

The device’s large and vibrant 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen, protected by Gorilla Glass 5, ensures an immersive and visually pleasing experience. The powerful Exynos 1280 chipset, coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, provides exceptional performance and multitasking capabilities.

The Galaxy M34 5G’s camera system, featuring a 50MP main lens with OIS, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro lens, allows users to capture stunning photos and videos in various scenarios. The improved front camera ensures clear and high-quality selfies.

Software-wise, the Galaxy M34 5G provides users with 4 Android OS updates and up to 5 years of security updates, ensuring that the device remains up-to-date and secure. The Voice Focus feature and powerful speakers with Dolby Atmos technology enhance the audio experience, making it ideal for multimedia consumption.

With a recommended retail price of IDR 4,099,000 and an early purchase discount available, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G offers an excellent combination of features, performance, and affordability. Users in Indonesia who are in search of a budget-friendly smartphone with impressive capabilities should consider the Galaxy M34 5G.


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