Samsung updates UI design language on high-end refrigerators


Samsung has taken steps to update the UI design language on its high-end refrigerators, addressing concerns about inconsistencies in design across its devices. Previously, critics had highlighted the differences in iconography between Samsung’s smartphones and tablets and its refrigerators and TVs, creating confusion for users when switching between devices. However, the company has now updated its Family Hub Refrigerator with a new software version that aligns its icon design with its smartphones running more recent versions of One UI. This move aims to create a more seamless experience for users within Samsung’s ecosystem, although further improvements are still needed to ensure software cohesiveness across all devices, particularly those running Tizen OS.

Samsung updates UI design language on high-end refrigerators

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Samsung updates UI design language on high-end refrigerators

Samsung, a leading manufacturer of electronic devices and home appliances, has recently made updates to the UI design language on its high-end refrigerators. This move reflects the company’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience across its diverse range of products, while also addressing previous criticism of its UI design language.


Samsung employs a mix of operating systems across its various product lines. While smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches run on Android, laptops and PCs run Windows. The company’s home appliances and TVs, on the other hand, utilize the Tizen operating system. Despite these differences, Samsung strives to maintain a similar software design language across all its devices, aiming for a cohesive and intuitive user experience. However, there have been instances where certain devices deviated from this vision, leading to criticism of Samsung’s UI design language.

Positive changes

Samsung has taken user feedback into account and responded with positive changes to its UI design language. Specifically, the company has made updates to the UI of its flagship refrigerator, the Family Hub Refrigerator. The previous version of the UI showcased older design elements, which could potentially confuse users transitioning from their Galaxy smartphones to their refrigerators. However, with the recent updates, the icons on the Family Hub Refrigerator now mirror those found on Samsung’s smartphones running the latest versions of One UI, such as One UI 5.1.1 and One UI 6.0. This update creates a more consistent and seamless experience for users across different Samsung devices.

Benefit of the updates

The updates to Samsung’s high-end refrigerators offer several benefits to users. Firstly, it allows for a seamless experience across Samsung devices. Users can now easily navigate the UI of their refrigerators, recognizing familiar apps such as Calendar, Gallery, Samsung Internet, and Settings. This familiarity facilitates intuitive interactions and reduces the learning curve when switching between different devices within the Samsung ecosystem. Additionally, the updates contribute to the creation of a more united ecosystem, where software design and features are aligned, leading to a more cohesive and integrated user experience.

Remaining challenges

While Samsung’s updates to its high-end refrigerators’ UI design language are a step in the right direction, there are still challenges to be addressed. One of these challenges involves ensuring software cohesiveness among devices running the Tizen operating system. As Samsung continues to expand its range of Tizen devices, it becomes crucial to maintain consistency in the software design language across these products. This will contribute to a more seamless user experience and strengthen the overall Samsung ecosystem. Additionally, Samsung needs to provide consistent software support for home appliances as the role of software becomes increasingly important in these devices. Ensuring ongoing software updates and support for home appliances will enhance their usability and longevity, elevating the overall user experience.

Future focus on software design and features

Samsung recognizes the importance of software design and features in its product ecosystem. The company’s commitment to updates and improvements in its UI design language on high-end refrigerators reflects its dedication to providing a superior user experience. Moving forward, Samsung aims to continue refining its software design language, ensuring cohesiveness across all its devices and operating systems. By focusing on software design and features, Samsung strives to maintain its position as a leader in the industry, offering innovative and intuitive products to its customers.

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Samsung’s recent updates to the UI design language on its high-end refrigerators demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. By listening to user feedback and making updates to the Family Hub Refrigerator UI, Samsung has created a more consistent and intuitive user interface. These updates foster a sense of familiarity, enabling users to easily navigate their refrigerators and spot familiar apps. The ongoing challenges of software cohesiveness and consistent software support for home appliances are areas where Samsung aims to improve in the future. By prioritizing software design and features, Samsung continues to enhance its product ecosystem and provide a more united experience for users across its diverse range of devices.

Samsung updates UI design language on high-end refrigerators


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