Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV


Samsung is offering a limited-time deal on their 85-inch Neo QLED 4K TV, allowing customers to save $1300 when purchasing the TV between now and August 27. Normally priced at $4,799, the discounted price is $3,499. The QN90C TV features the Neural Quantum Processor 4K, a 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Premium Pro support, and four HDMI connectors. In addition to the discount, the TV also comes with features such as Q-Symphony 3.0 and Samsung Gaming Hub. It’s important to note that this deal is only available over the weekend.

Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV

Samsung is currently offering a limited-time deal on their 85-inch Neo QLED 4K (QN90C) TV. This discount is available only until August 27, so interested buyers will need to act fast to take advantage of this offer. The original price of the TV is $4,799, but with the discount, it is now available for $3,499, resulting in a savings of $1,300.

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Key Features of the QN90C TV

The QN90C TV is powered by the Neural Quantum Processor 4K, which provides advanced image processing capabilities for improved picture quality. It also boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing for smoother motion and reduced motion blur. Additionally, the TV supports FreeSync Premium Pro, which helps to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering during gaming and other fast-paced content. Users will also appreciate the four HDMI connectors, providing ample connectivity options for various devices.

Additional Features

In addition to its key features, the QN90C TV also offers a range of additional features. One notable feature is Q-Symphony 3.0, which enhances the audio experience by working in conjunction with a compatible soundbar. Samsung Gaming Hub is another highlight, as it allows users to enjoy cloud gaming without the need for a separate gaming PC or console. It is important to note that this deal is only available over the weekend, so interested buyers should make their purchase promptly.

Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV

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Other Samsung Offers

Samsung is also offering significant discounts on their 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV. This provides another option for customers who are looking for a high-quality TV at a reduced price. The QN85C model shares many features with the QN90C, making it a compelling alternative for those who want to take advantage of Samsung’s offers.

Samsung Product Series

Samsung offers a diverse range of product series to cater to different consumer needs and preferences. The Galaxy S Series is the flagship smartphone series, offering cutting-edge features and technology. The Note Series is known for its productivity-focused features, such as the S Pen. The A Series provides more affordable options without compromising on quality. The Z Fold Series includes Samsung’s innovative foldable smartphones. The M / F Series and Tab Series offer mid-range options for both smartphones and tablets. Lastly, the Wearable Series includes smartwatches and earbuds for a seamless connected experience.

Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV

Software Versions

Samsung devices run on various software versions to ensure optimal performance and user experience. The One UI is Samsung’s custom user interface that provides a clean and intuitive software experience. The Exynos series includes Samsung’s in-house processors that power many of their devices. Android is the operating system used by Samsung devices, which provides access to a wide range of apps and services. Lastly, the TV software ensures a smooth and immersive viewing experience on Samsung TVs.

Different TV Technologies

Samsung offers different TV technologies to suit different preferences and requirements. The QLED TV technology utilizes quantum dots to deliver vibrant and precise colors, along with impressive brightness levels. The QD-OLED TV technology combines quantum dot and OLED technologies to provide enhanced color accuracy and deep blacks. The Micro LED TV technology uses tiny, self-emissive LEDs to deliver stunning picture quality with precise lighting control.

Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV

Samsung Reviews

Samsung products have been widely reviewed and are highly regarded by consumers and experts alike. Firmware reviews focus on the software updates and improvements provided by Samsung to enhance device performance and user experience. Device reviews cover various Samsung devices and evaluate their design, performance, features, and overall value. Videos provide visual demonstrations and in-depth analysis of Samsung products. Forums offer a platform for users to discuss and share their experiences with Samsung products, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Latest Samsung News

Samsung consistently makes headlines with their innovative products and industry achievements. Some of the latest news includes a significant discount on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV, bringing cloud gaming to 2020 TV models, winning a record number of product design awards at IDEA 2023, and offering amazing deals on premium TVs through their ‘Freedom Fest’ event.

Save $1300 on a new 85-inch Neo QLED Samsung TV

Samsung’s Flagship 8K Neo QLED TV

Samsung’s flagship 8K Neo QLED TV, the QNC990, features a display panel made by TCL’s CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology). This collaboration between Samsung and TCL ensures that the TV delivers exceptional picture quality with precise color reproduction and contrast. The QNC990 is available in China and South Korea, offering consumers a premium viewing experience.

In conclusion, Samsung’s limited-time offer on the 85-inch Neo QLED 4K (QN90C) TV provides customers with an excellent opportunity to purchase a high-quality TV at a discounted price. With its advanced features and additional offerings, such as Q-Symphony 3.0 and Samsung Gaming Hub, the QN90C TV offers a comprehensive entertainment experience. Customers can also explore other Samsung offers, including discounts on the 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV. With its diverse range of product series, software versions, and TV technologies, Samsung continues to meet the needs and preferences of a wide range of consumers.

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