Students Cram for the Samsung Dream


In South Korea, every six months, around 100,000 students gather at test centers across the country, all with the same dream: to secure a job with Samsung, the country’s most prestigious nameplate employer. These young students are part of a test prep industry worth millions of dollars, where they spend hours studying under the guidance of tutors like Lee Sihan, a renowned professor who has written over 50 books and has become something of a celebrity in the battle for passing national entrance exams. The pressure is immense, as passing these exams is seen as the key to a successful future and acceptance by society. This article dives into the world of Samsung dreams and the intense cramming culture in South Korea.

Students Cram for the Samsung Dream

Heading 1: The Age of Samsung Dream Jobs

Subheading 1.1: The Exam-Crazed Nation

In South Korea, the pursuit of a Samsung dream job has become a major focus for many students. Every six months, around 100,000 Koreans flock to campus test centers, hoping to secure a coveted position at Samsung. The exam-crazed nation is driven by the belief that a job with Samsung, the country’s most prestigious employer, guarantees acknowledgement and acceptance by others.

Subheading 1.2: The Whiz-Kid Professor

One of the key figures in this pursuit is a whiz-kid professor named Lee Sihan. With a doctorate and a membership in the elite IQ club Mensa, Lee has become a celebrity in South Korea’s test prep industry. He has written over 50 books and regularly lectures on television, offering courses that promise to help students pass important exams like the Samsung SAT and goshi. Lee’s classes, which cost $160 for a four-day intensive course, attract students who are willing to put in the hours to increase their chances of success.

Subheading 1.3: Life in the Republic of Samsung

South Korea is often referred to as the “Republic of Samsung” due to the pervasive influence of the electronics mega-empire. In Seoul, Samsung creations shape daily life, from apartment buildings to online soap operas. A job at Samsung is seen as a symbol of achievement and acceptance, providing opportunities for stability and prestige. Young students in South Korea spend years studying and cramming to secure admission to elite universities and, ultimately, a coveted position with Samsung.

Heading 2: Exam Prerequisites and the Impact on South Korean Society

Subheading 2.1: Graver Than CVs and Interviews

While in the United States, a polished CV and a successful interview may be sufficient to secure a job at a tech giant like Apple or Google, South Korea has different expectations. In Confucian South Korea, exams play a far more significant role in determining an individual’s future. University admissions, corporate and government jobs, and even entrance to prestigious preschools often hinge on strong testing scores. Failing an exam can have serious consequences, leading some individuals to believe they have failed at life. This pressure has contributed to the alarming increase in suicide rates among young people in South Korea.

Subheading 2.2: Feisty Youth and Recruitment Policies

South Korean youth are known for their feistiness when it comes to changes in recruitment policies. When Samsung announced plans to modify its open testing method, anger and concern were voiced by students who feared their hard work would be in vain if they were not recommended by prestigious schools. The image of being a “Samsung Man” holds significant prestige in South Korean society, providing bragging rights, acceptance, and acknowledgement. The rejection of Samsung’s changes demonstrates the importance placed on the company as a symbol of success and stability.

Subheading 2.3: The Confucian Arrangement

The strong connection between large corporations, like Samsung, and their employees is deeply embedded in South Korean society. In the Western world, employees may be treated as disposable based on a company’s immediate performance. However, in South Korea, these large corporations have a more familial relationship with their employees. This Confucian arrangement means that employees and their families receive support during difficult times, such as financial struggles or the death of an employee. The bond between employer and employee extends to social activities like regular drinking sessions and weekend trips.

Students Cram for the Samsung Dream

Heading 3: The Worth of Exam Suffering

Subheading 3.1: The Path to Stability

Despite the intense pressure and suffering that come with exam preparation and testing, many young South Koreans believe that it is worth it. A job at Samsung offers stability in a country still recovering from the trauma of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. In a society where large corporations are expected to treat employees as family, Samsung provides a sense of security and financial stability.

Subheading 3.2: Boozing and Bonding

The relationship between South Korean employees and their companies often includes expectations of engaging in regular, hardcore drinking sessions. These sessions serve as a bonding experience and an opportunity to strengthen relationships within the workplace. Additionally, weekend trips that involve imbibing heavy quantities of soju, a Korean liquor, are a common activity among colleagues.

Subheading 3.3: The Value of the Samsung Dream

In the end, the grueling exams and the suffering endured may be worth it for those who appreciate the perks that come with a Samsung dream job. The label of being a “Samsung Man” or woman holds prestige and acknowledgement in South Korean society. With a stable job and the support of a large corporation, employees feel a sense of acceptance and fulfillment. While the pursuit of a Samsung dream job requires dedication and hard work, the potential benefits make it a highly sought-after goal.

As South Korea continues to embrace the age of Samsung, the pressure to succeed academically and secure a prestigious job with the company remains significant. Students across the nation continue to cram for exams, hoping to chase their Samsung dreams. In a society deeply shaped by the influence of this electronics mega-empire, the pursuit of a Samsung dream job serves as a symbol of achievement, stability, and acceptance.

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Students Cram for the Samsung Dream

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