Twist in the story about the sale of TikTok, ByteDance made this statement

Twist in the story about the sale of TikTok, ByteDance made this statement

TikTok Ban In USA Latest News

Chinese firm ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has said on Monday that it will form a new venture called TikTok Global. TikTok will work inside it. American companies Oracle Oracle and Walmart Walmart will have 12.5 and 7.5 percent share in TikTok Global.

While Oracle Corp Oracle Corp and Walmart Inc. Walmart Inc said over the weekend that they and US investors would own the majority of the video app company TikTok after an agreement with US President Donald Trump.

Let me tell you that Trump signed an executive order with ByteDance on August 14, giving TikTok 90 days to sell otherwise Tiktok ban in USA will be continue. The Trump administration was concerned that personal data of 100 million Americans using the app could be passed on to the Communist Party government of China. On Saturday, he said that according to an agreement TikTok may be allowed to continue working in the United States. The main condition of America is that the data of TikTok users of America will remain in the US and will not go to China. Apart from this, the second condition was that within 90 days TikTok has to sell to an American.

tikton ban in usa
TikTok ban in USA

On Monday, ByteDance has said that 80% of TikTok Global will remain with it. It will be a newly created American company and not a US company already running. In contrast, on Friday, Walmart and Oracle had said that these two companies would hold most of the shares in TikTok. ByteDance has neither denied nor endorsed this statement, but has issued a new statement and made it clear that most of the operations of the app will still be owned by its new company, ByteDance Global.

ByteDance said in its statement on Monday that it was a ‘rumor’ that American investors would own the majority of TikTok Global. Oracle declined to comment on ByteDance’s statement, while Walmart has also not responded.

According to some Kyribi sources of the deal, 41% of the baits are owned by American investors, so TikTok Global U.S. by calculating this indirect ownership. The parties will have majority ownership. One of the sources said the deal with TikTok Global with Oracle and Walmart is worth more than $ 50 billion.

TikTok has also confirmed plans for TikTok Global’s initial public offering. The Beijing-based firm said that TikTok Global’s board of directors would include ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming and Walmart chief executive Doug McMillan and the current director of ByteDance.

ByteDance stated that TikTok Global’s current plan does not include any transfer of algorithms or technologies and that Oracle TikTok US. Will be able to inspect the source code. This US Like companies that are sharing their source code with Chinese technology experts like Microsoft Corp.

tiktok ban in usa
TikTok Ban in USA

ByteDance also said that the $ 5 billion payment made by TikTok Global to the US Treasury is based on projected earnings and that the company will have to pay over the next few years has nothing to do with the deal with Oracle and Walmart . Trump said last week that the U.S. education fund would be five billion dollars as part of the deal.

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This was the latest news of about TikTok ban in USA, Tiktok parent Company ByteDance has gave this statement on 21 September 2020 and created twist in the story. This whole thing is getting so complicated over and over,. So, let me know about your thoughts and opinions about this news in the comment section below. What’s going to happen next? Will TikTok ban in USA continue?

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