TikTok Ban News – TikTok Is not Going Anywhere From US

TikTok Ban News – TikTok Is not Going Anywhere From US

TikTok Ban News

Washington US President Donald Trump has given a big relief to the Chinese video sharing app TikTok facing a ban in the US (United States). President Donald Trump has announced a possible deal between Oracle and Walmart to share the US operations of Chinese video sharing application TikTok. TikTok was placed on the sanctions list by the US government due to security concerns.

In this deal, TikTok will be operated by a new American company called TikTok Global, replacing Chinese company ByteDance. This company’s headquarter will be in the United States, and will be registered in Texas. This new company is expected to create 25,000 new jobs in America at TikTok. In addition, TikTok will provide USD 5 billion for the education of American youth thi is also the part of the deal.

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TikTok Ban Is Going To Remove From US

Donald Trump said that he has given his best wishes for the new deal. “TikTok is going along. We are working with Oracle, which you know in conjunction with Walmart, another great American company. There will be 100 percent security here. They are separate cloud (data) and lots of Will use. “

Last month, Trump signed an executive order banning Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat until 15 September. The order stated that these companies would be banned until the ownership of the two Chinese companies passed into American hands.

Trump said “We’ll see if this deal happens, but ideologically, I think it’s a big deal for America. They will hire at least 25,000 people. Set up this company in Texas There is a possibility of going. It will be a new company. It has nothing to do with any foreign country. It has nothing to do with China. It will be completely safe. “

So, this was the latest news about TikTok ban in United States (US), I Hope, from this information you got some relief that the United States going to remove the TitkTok ban soon and you can continue using TikTok application.

Let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts of this TikTok ban news, are you happy with it or you want Tiktok ban should continue in US.

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