True Tiger Recordings presents their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM


True Tiger Recordings is thrilled to announce the launch of their highly anticipated radio show on Freeze 92.7FM. This exciting new show aims to captivate listeners with a blend of exclusive new tracks, insightful artist interviews, and engaging competitions. Every week, music enthusiasts can look forward to a meticulously curated tracklisting, which will be made readily available on True Tiger Recordings’ official website. As they take to the airwaves, True Tiger Recordings invites listeners to join them on an extraordinary journey through the world of electronic music. Stay tuned for an unparalleled audio experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

True Tiger Recordings presents their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM

True Tiger Recordings, renowned for their groundbreaking music releases, is set to launch their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM. With an aim to provide listeners with the best and freshest music in various genres, this collaboration between True Tiger Recordings and Freeze 92.7FM promises to be a game-changer in the world of radio.

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True Tiger Recordings, founded in 2007, has established itself as a leading record label in the electronic music scene. With a focus on showcasing cutting-edge talent and pushing the boundaries of music production, True Tiger Recordings has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality releases across different genres. Freeze 92.7FM, on the other hand, is a well-established radio station that has been at the forefront of broadcasting innovative music to a diverse audience. This collaboration between the record label and the radio station is a perfect match, combining their expertise and passion for music.

Exclusive New Tracks

One of the key highlights of the new radio show is the opportunity to listen to exclusive new tracks. True Tiger Recordings will curate a selection of unreleased songs and give listeners a sneak peek into the future of music. From fresh, emerging artists to established names in the industry, the show will provide a platform for the hottest tracks in electronic music. Additionally, special guest mixes will be featured, allowing renowned DJs and producers to showcase their unique styles and musical journeys. The radio show will also serve as a platform for premiering upcoming releases from True Tiger Recordings and other partner labels.

True Tiger Recordings presents their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM

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Artist Interviews

Music enthusiasts are always keen to gain insights into the music industry and the creative process behind their favorite tracks. True Tiger Recordings recognizes this curiosity and plans to feature in-depth artist interviews in their radio show. These interviews will provide a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of artists, songwriters, and producers. Discussions will revolve around topics such as inspiration, production techniques, and the challenges and triumphs of navigating the music industry. Alongside interviews with True Tiger Recordings artists, the show will also host guest artists and DJs from various backgrounds, offering a diverse range of perspectives.


True Tiger Recordings aims to make their radio show even more exciting by offering competitions for their listeners. The competitions will provide opportunities for fans to win exclusive prizes related to music and the artists associated with True Tiger Recordings. These interactive contests will not only engage the audience but also foster a sense of community among music enthusiasts. Additionally, giveaways will be a regular feature, allowing fans to get their hands on exclusive merchandise, concert tickets, and more. Participation in the competitions will be simple and easily accessible to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to win.

True Tiger Recordings presents their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM

Tracklisting on Website

To enhance the overall experience for listeners, True Tiger Recordings will provide an accessible and up-to-date tracklisting on their website. This tracklisting will serve as a reference point for the songs played during the radio show, allowing listeners to easily identify their favorite tracks and discover new ones. Detailed information about each track, including the artist name, title, and genre, will be provided. The tracklisting will also include links to purchase or stream the songs, ensuring that fans can support the artists they love. Additionally, the website will have an archive of previous episodes, allowing listeners to revisit their favorite shows and catch up on any missed content.

Broadcast Schedule

The radio show will be broadcasted on Freeze 92.7FM weekly, with a regular time slot for fans to mark on their calendars. The frequency and duration of the show will ensure that listeners get their regular fix of the latest music and artist interviews. For those who may miss the live broadcast, the show will be made available on-demand, allowing them to catch up at their convenience. True Tiger Recordings also aims to cater to their international audience by providing options for streaming the show online or through partner radio stations in different time zones.

True Tiger Recordings presents their new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM

Promotional Activities

In addition to the radio show, True Tiger Recordings plans to engage in various promotional activities to further their reach and introduce their music to a wider audience. The record label will collaborate with artists and other record labels to cross-promote their music and create a buzz around the radio show. Media partnerships will be forged to amplify the show’s reach through different channels. True Tiger Recordings will also explore opportunities for live event and festival sponsorships, allowing them to connect with fans in person and create unique experiences centered around their music.

Social Media Integration

With the ever-growing importance of social media in the music industry, True Tiger Recordings recognizes the need to engage with fans on these platforms. Social media integration will be a key component of their radio show, allowing fans to connect with the artists and stay updated with the latest news. Exclusive content will be shared on social media platforms, giving fans a glimpse into the world of True Tiger Recordings and what goes on behind the scenes. Live streaming of parts of the radio show through social media channels will further enhance the interactive experience. To create a sense of community and generate buzz, the show will be promoted through relevant hashtags, encouraging fans to join the conversation and share their excitement.

Audience Interaction

True Tiger Recordings believes in the power of audience interaction and aims to make their radio show a platform for fans to actively participate. Alongside the competitions and giveaways mentioned earlier, the radio show will feature Q&A sessions where fans can submit their questions for the artists and DJs. This direct interaction will allow fans to gain further insights and connect with their favorite musicians. True Tiger Recordings recognizes the importance of their audience and aims to create an inclusive and engaging environment where everyone’s voices can be heard.

Future Plans

As True Tiger Recordings and Freeze 92.7FM embark on this exciting radio show venture, they have several future plans in mind. Expanding the broadcasting platforms to include online radio stations and other FM stations will allow even more listeners to tune in and be a part of the experience. Collaborations with other radio stations will create opportunities for cross-promotion and further diversify the content offered. Special events and shows, both on-air and potentially live, will be considered to celebrate milestones and engage fans in unique ways. The radio show has the potential to evolve into live radio tours, where True Tiger Recordings artists can showcase their talents in different cities around the world, creating unforgettable experiences for their fans.

In conclusion, True Tiger Recordings’ new radio show on Freeze 92.7FM is poised to take the electronic music scene by storm. With exclusive new tracks, artist interviews, competitions, and a tracklisting accessible on their website, the radio show offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for music enthusiasts. Through promotional activities, social media integration, and audience interaction, True Tiger Recordings aims to create a community of fans who share their passion for music. As they look towards the future, True Tiger Recordings and Freeze 92.7FM are committed to expanding their reach, collaborating with other platforms, and creating memorable experiences for their ever-growing audience.

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