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“The Freestyle: The Evolution” is a video by Samsung that introduces viewers to the second generation of #TheFreestyle, a revolutionary device. The video emphasizes the versatility and convenience of this new product, highlighting its ability to be used on any surface and in any location with instant setup. It also showcases the Samsung Gaming Hub, which allows users to play their favorite games on the device, and mentions the capability to create a super wide screen of up to 160″. Through the use of hashtags such as #LifestyleTV and #LifestyleScreen, Samsung aims to position the Freestyle as a must-have for individuals seeking an enhanced viewing experience.

The video, “The Freestyle: The Evolution | Samsung,” appeals to a wide audience by offering an immersive and captivating glimpse into the innovative features of the second generation of #TheFreestyle. It’s clear that Samsung aims to create a sense of excitement and anticipation among viewers, as they showcase the device’s unique qualities and functionality. By incorporating foreign music and applause, Samsung adds an element of global appeal, suggesting that the Freestyle is a product that can transcend cultural boundaries. Overall, the video serves as a teaser, enticing viewers to learn more about this groundbreaking product from Samsung.

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The Freestyle: The Evolution | Samsung

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Video By Samsung

Samsung is proud to introduce Video By Samsung, a revolutionary video viewing experience that allows users to watch their favorite videos on any surface, anywhere, with instant setup. This second-generation evolution of #TheFreestyle brings convenience, versatility, and high-quality video and audio to users’ fingertips. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the features, benefits, applications, compatible devices, and tips and tricks for using Video By Samsung. With its user-friendly interface and seamless connectivity with other Samsung devices, Video By Samsung is the ultimate solution for all your video viewing needs.

Introduction to Video By Samsung

Video By Samsung is a groundbreaking application that transforms the way users watch videos. Gone are the days of being confined to a traditional TV screen or computer monitor. With Video By Samsung, users can now project their favorite videos onto any surface, turning it into their personal cinema. Whether it’s a blank wall, a ceiling, or even the side of a building, Video By Samsung instantly sets up and delivers an immersive video viewing experience.

Video By Samsung

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Features of Video By Samsung

Instant set up on any surface

One of the key features of Video By Samsung is its ability to be set up on any surface almost instantly. With just a few simple steps, users can project their videos onto walls, ceilings, or any other suitable surface. This flexibility allows for a truly immersive and versatile viewing experience.

Compatibility with Samsung Gaming Hub

For gaming enthusiasts, Video By Samsung offers seamless compatibility with Samsung Gaming Hub. Users can now enjoy their favorite games on a much larger screen, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Whether it’s racing games, first-person shooters, or strategy games, the super wide screen of Video By Samsung adds a new dimension to gaming.

Super wide screen up to 160″

With Video By Samsung, users can take advantage of a super wide screen that can reach up to 160 inches. This expansive screen size offers a truly immersive viewing experience, bringing videos to life on a grand scale. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, or home videos, the super wide screen of Video By Samsung ensures that every detail is captured beautifully.

High-quality video and audio

Video By Samsung delivers high-quality video and audio, ensuring that users enjoy a top-notch viewing experience. With vivid colors, sharp details, and immersive sound, every video comes to life on the screen. Whether it’s streaming content, downloaded videos, or personal recordings, Video By Samsung presents them with clarity and richness.

Wide range of video formats supported

Video By Samsung supports a wide range of video formats, ensuring that users can watch their favorite videos without any compatibility issues. From popular formats like MP4 and AVI to less common ones, Video By Samsung has you covered. This broad compatibility eliminates the need for video format conversions and allows users to access their videos effortlessly.

Built-in video editing tools

One of the standout features of Video By Samsung is its built-in video editing tools. Users can now trim videos, merge clips, and add various effects to enhance their video viewing experience. This feature adds a touch of personalization, allowing users to tailor their videos to their liking with just a few simple steps.

Seamless connectivity with other Samsung devices

Samsung users will love the seamless connectivity that Video By Samsung offers with other Samsung devices. Whether it’s sharing videos wirelessly or casting them onto a compatible device, Video By Samsung makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of Samsung products. This connectivity ensures a smooth experience across all devices, allowing users to enjoy their videos without any hassle.

User-friendly interface

Finally, Video By Samsung features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. With a clean design and straightforward controls, users can effortlessly find their way around the application and access all of its features. This simplicity ensures that users can focus on enjoying their videos rather than getting caught up in complex menus and settings.

Benefits of Video By Samsung

Convenience of watching videos anywhere

With Video By Samsung, users can enjoy the convenience of watching videos anywhere. Whether it’s in the comfort of their own home, a friend’s house, or even outdoors, Video By Samsung allows users to transform any surface into a screen. This portability and flexibility offer unprecedented convenience and freedom in video viewing.

Enhanced gaming experience

For gamers, Video By Samsung takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. With the super wide screen and compatibility with Samsung Gaming Hub, gamers can immerse themselves in their favorite games like never before. The larger screen size and enhanced visuals create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience, giving gamers the edge they need to conquer their virtual worlds.

Immersive viewing with super wide screen

The super wide screen of Video By Samsung ensures an immersive viewing experience. With a wider aspect ratio, videos fill the entire field of vision, transporting viewers into a world of entertainment. Whether it’s watching movies, TV shows, or even home videos, the super wide screen of Video By Samsung creates a truly captivating environment.

Customization options with video editing tools

Video By Samsung offers users the ability to personalize their videos with its built-in editing tools. Users can trim videos, merge clips, and add effects to create a customized viewing experience. This level of customization adds a personal touch to videos, allowing users to make them their own and enhance their enjoyment.

Easy integration with other Samsung devices

One of the major benefits of Video By Samsung is its seamless integration with other Samsung devices. Users can effortlessly connect their compatible devices and enjoy their videos on a larger screen or share them wirelessly. This integration streamlines the video viewing experience, making it easier and more convenient to access videos across multiple devices.

User-friendly interface for a seamless experience

Video By Samsung features a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience for users. With its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate controls, users can quickly access all the features and settings they need. This user-friendly interface eliminates any barriers to enjoying videos and allows users to focus on the content they love.

Video By Samsung

Applications of Video By Samsung

Video By Samsung has a wide range of applications across various domains. Whether it’s for entertainment, gaming, productivity, education, social media, or digital signage, Video By Samsung opens up new possibilities for how videos can be consumed and enjoyed.


With Video By Samsung, users can turn any gathering or event into a memorable entertainment experience. Whether it’s a movie night at home, a backyard party, or a special occasion, Video By Samsung brings videos to life on a large screen, creating a cinematic atmosphere that captivates viewers.


Gamers can take their gaming experience to the next level with Video By Samsung. The super wide screen and compatibility with Samsung Gaming Hub provide gamers with a larger, more immersive display for their favorite games. From intense action sequences to stunning visuals, Video By Samsung enhances the gaming experience in ways never thought possible.


Video By Samsung can also be a valuable tool for productivity. Whether it’s for presentations, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative work, users can easily project videos onto a suitable surface and share information with colleagues or clients. The versatility and ease of use of Video By Samsung make it an ideal solution for improving productivity in various professional settings.


In the field of education, Video By Samsung can revolutionize the way teachers and students interact with educational content. Teachers can project educational videos onto a large screen, making it easier for students to grasp complex concepts and engage in interactive learning. Additionally, Video By Samsung can be used in distance learning scenarios, bringing the classroom experience into students’ homes.

Social media

Video By Samsung opens up new possibilities for sharing videos on social media. With its seamless connectivity and user-friendly interface, users can easily share their favorite videos with friends and followers. Whether it’s capturing special moments or showcasing creative content, Video By Samsung provides a platform for users to express themselves and connect with others through videos.

Digital signage

Video By Samsung can also be utilized for digital signage purposes. Whether it’s displaying advertisements, informational content, or engaging visuals, Video By Samsung turns any surface into a dynamic digital signage solution. With its wide range of video formats supported and built-in video editing tools, businesses can create eye-catching displays that capture the attention of their target audience.

Compatible Devices for Video By Samsung

Video By Samsung is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of Samsung devices. Whether it’s Samsung TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other multimedia devices, Video By Samsung ensures compatibility for a cohesive video viewing experience.

Samsung TVs

Owners of Samsung TVs can take full advantage of Video By Samsung’s features and capabilities. By connecting their Samsung TV to a compatible device, users can project videos directly onto the TV screen, creating a larger and more immersive viewing experience.

Samsung smartphones

Samsung smartphones are also compatible with Video By Samsung, allowing users to access and enjoy their favorite videos on a larger screen. By connecting their smartphone to a suitable display, users can instantly transform any surface into a video viewing platform.

Samsung tablets

Samsung tablets provide another option for users to connect with Video By Samsung. With their larger screens, tablets offer a more immersive viewing experience, making them perfect for enjoying videos on the go or at home.

Samsung laptops

For those who prefer to watch videos on their laptops, Video By Samsung ensures compatibility with Samsung laptops. Whether it’s for work or leisure, users can easily connect their laptop to a larger display and enjoy videos with enhanced visuals and audio.

Other Samsung multimedia devices

Video By Samsung extends its compatibility to other Samsung multimedia devices as well. Whether it’s a Samsung digital photo frame, portable media player, or any other compatible device, users can experience the benefits of Video By Samsung across a wide range of Samsung products.

Video By Samsung

Setting up Video By Samsung

Setting up Video By Samsung is a simple and straightforward process. With just a few steps, users can start enjoying their favorite videos on any surface.

Download and install the Video By Samsung app

First, users need to download and install the Video By Samsung app on their compatible device. The app is available for download from the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the device.

Connect the compatible device to the desired display

Once the app is installed, users need to connect their compatible device to the display on which they want to project their videos. This can be done using a compatible cable, wireless connection, or screen mirroring feature, depending on the device and display.

Launch Video By Samsung app

After the connection is established, users can launch the Video By Samsung app on their device. The app will guide users through the initial setup process, ensuring that all settings are properly configured for optimal performance.

Follow on-screen instructions for initial setup

Users should follow the on-screen instructions provided by the Video By Samsung app to complete the initial setup. This may include selecting display options, choosing preferred settings, and connecting to any wireless networks required for video streaming.

Adjust settings according to preference

Once the initial setup is complete, users can adjust the settings of Video By Samsung according to their preference. This may include changing video playback settings, adjusting brightness or volume levels, and customizing other features such as video editing tools or connectivity options.

Using Video By Samsung

Once Video By Samsung is set up, using the application to watch videos becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. Users have a range of options and features at their disposal to enhance their video viewing experience.

Select video from device or online sources

Users can choose videos from their device’s internal storage, external storage devices, or online sources such as streaming platforms or video-sharing websites. Video By Samsung supports a wide range of video formats, ensuring compatibility with various sources.

Choose display mode (e.g., fullscreen, super wide screen)

Users can select the desired display mode for their videos, whether it’s fullscreen, super wide screen, or other options available. This allows users to optimize the video viewing experience based on their preferences and the content being watched.

Customize video playback settings (e.g., brightness, volume)

Users have the ability to customize video playback settings according to their preference. This includes adjusting brightness, contrast, color saturation, and volume levels, among others. These customization options ensure that users can create a comfortable and enjoyable video viewing environment.

Utilize built-in video editing tools (e.g., trim, merge, effects)

Video By Samsung offers built-in video editing tools that allow users to enhance their videos on the fly. Users can trim videos to remove unwanted parts, merge clips together for smoother playback, and add various effects to create a unique viewing experience. These tools add a level of creativity and personalization to the video viewing process.

Control playback using remote or device’s touch screen

Users can control the playback of their videos using either a remote control or the touch screen of their compatible device. This flexibility ensures that users can interact with their videos in the way that is most convenient and intuitive for them.

Switch between videos or playlists

Video By Samsung allows users to easily switch between different videos or playlists, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience. This feature is particularly useful for those who like to create curated playlists or watch multiple videos in succession.

Share videos with friends or on social media

Users can easily share their favorite videos with friends and family directly from the Video By Samsung app. With just a few taps, users can share videos via messaging apps, email, or social media platforms. This sharing feature helps users connect and engage with others through the power of video.

Cast videos to other compatible devices

Video By Samsung supports casting videos to other compatible devices, allowing users to enjoy their videos on larger screens or in different locations. Whether it’s casting to a Samsung TV or another multimedia device, this feature expands the possibilities for video viewing and sharing.

Tips and Tricks for Video By Samsung

To make the most out of the Video By Samsung experience, here are some tips and tricks that users can keep in mind:

  1. Ensure a suitable projection surface: When setting up Video By Samsung, choose a surface that provides a clear and flat area for projection. Avoid surfaces with uneven textures or obstructions that may affect the video quality.

  2. Optimize video playback settings: Experiment with the various video playback settings to find the combination that provides the best viewing experience. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation levels to suit personal preferences and the lighting conditions of the viewing environment.

  3. Take advantage of video editing tools: Explore the built-in video editing tools of Video By Samsung to add a personal touch to videos. Trim unnecessary parts of videos, merge clips together for smoother playback, or apply creative effects to enhance the visual experience.

  4. Utilize screen mirroring for mobile gaming: If you’re a mobile gamer, take advantage of screen mirroring to project your gameplay onto a larger screen. This allows for a more immersive gaming experience and better visibility of game details.

  5. Create playlists for a personalized experience: Take advantage of Video By Samsung’s playlist feature to create curated collections of your favorite videos. Organize videos by genre, mood, or any other criteria that suits your preferences and enjoy a personalized video viewing experience.

  6. Keep your devices up to date: Regularly check for software updates for both Video By Samsung and your compatible devices. Updates often include performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features that can further enhance the video viewing experience.

  7. Explore advanced settings for customization: Dive into the advanced settings of Video By Samsung to discover additional customization options. These settings may include audio enhancements, subtitle customization, or connectivity options that allow for seamless integration with other devices.

  8. Engage with the Video By Samsung community: Join online forums or communities dedicated to Video By Samsung to connect with fellow users. Share tips, tricks, and recommendations, and stay updated on the latest features or updates from Samsung.

Troubleshooting Video By Samsung

While Video By Samsung strives to provide a seamless video viewing experience, occasional issues may arise. Here are some common troubleshooting steps to resolve any potential problems:

  1. Check for software updates: Ensure that both the Video By Samsung app and your compatible devices are running the latest software versions. Updates often address known issues and improve overall performance.

  2. Restart your devices: If you encounter any issues while using Video By Samsung, try restarting your devices. This can help clear any temporary glitches and restore normal operation.

  3. Ensure proper connectivity: Double-check that all the necessary cables are securely connected, or if using wireless connections, ensure a stable network connection. Unstable or weak connections can affect the video playback quality or cause buffering issues.

  4. Close unnecessary apps: If your compatible device is running multiple apps in the background, it may affect the performance of Video By Samsung. Close any unnecessary apps to free up system resources and ensure smooth video playback.

  5. Clear app cache and data: If Video By Samsung continues to exhibit issues, try clearing the app’s cache and data. This will remove any temporary files or configurations that may be causing problems. Note that clearing data will reset any personalized settings, so ensure that you have them backed up if necessary.

  6. Contact customer support: If you have exhausted all troubleshooting options and the issues persist, reach out to Samsung’s customer support for further assistance. They will be able to provide specific guidance based on your device and the nature of the issue.


Video By Samsung is a game-changer in the world of video viewing. With its instant set up on any surface, compatibility with Samsung Gaming Hub, super wide screen up to 160 inches, high-quality video and audio, wide range of supported video formats, built-in video editing tools, seamless connectivity with other Samsung devices, and user-friendly interface, Video By Samsung delivers an unparalleled video viewing experience. Whether it’s for entertainment, gaming, productivity, education, social media, or digital signage, Video By Samsung opens up new possibilities for enjoying videos anywhere, anytime. With its comprehensive features, easy setup, and user-centric design, Video By Samsung truly is the evolution of #TheFreestyle.

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