Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean


In the captivating video by Samsung titled “Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean,” viewers are introduced to Rachel Brooks, a talented scientific illustrator and wildlife artist. With a love for the ocean and a passion for marine conservation, Rachel believes that art has the power to raise awareness and reconnect people with nature. Through her meticulously crafted illustrations of marine life, Rachel sparks meaningful dialogues about the importance of marine conservation, showcasing the beauty and diversity of marine species. Utilizing the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and S Pen, Rachel brings her pointillist pieces to life, capturing the intricate details of each illustration. Samsung has provided Rachel with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to support her activities. By sharing her art with the world, Rachel hopes to inspire others and create a global movement of ocean conservation.

As a dedicated diver with eight years of experience in the dive industry, Rachel has witnessed the incredible wonders of the ocean firsthand, but also the devastating impacts that humans are having on the planet. One species that holds a special place in her heart is the endangered Basking shark, with whom she has worked alongside in the Hebrides for the past three years. Rachel aims to challenge the negative portrayal of sharks in the media, shedding light on their essential role as apex predators in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem. She believes her art can raise awareness and showcase the diversity and importance of sharks. Rachel’s artwork, created in a laborious pointillism style, is a testament to her dedication and patience, while also utilizing technology to enhance her creative process. Through her collaboration with shark charities, Rachel’s art is not only contributing to conservation efforts but will also be auctioned off to support shark conservation in the UK. Rachel’s ultimate hope is to reconnect people with the ocean, especially the younger generation, inspiring them to create their own ocean stories and messages of conservation.

Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean

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In this article, we will explore the work of Rachel Brooks, a scientific illustrator and wildlife artist who is dedicated to raising awareness about marine conservation through her art. With a passion for marine life and a unique artistic style, Rachel utilizes technology, collaborates with shark charities, and auctions her artwork to support the preservation of critically endangered species. Through her efforts, she aims to connect people with the ocean, engage the younger generation in conservation dialogues, and inspire others to create their own ocean stories.


Introduction to Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks is a scientific illustrator and wildlife artist who is deeply committed to marine conservation. Having worked in the dive industry for eight years, Rachel has witnessed both the incredible wonders and the devastating impacts that humankind has on the planet. Her passion for the ocean and its inhabitants has driven her to use her artistic talents as a means to raise awareness and reconnect people with nature.

Her passion for marine conservation

Throughout her career, Rachel has developed a strong affinity for the Basking shark, an endangered species. Having spent three years working with these majestic creatures in the Hebrides, Rachel knows firsthand the importance of shedding light on the positive attributes of sharks. Often negatively portrayed in the media, sharks are essential for a healthy ocean ecosystem as apex predators. Rachel aims to showcase the diversity and significance of sharks through her art, dispelling common misconceptions and inspiring conservation efforts.

The role of art in raising awareness

Rachel firmly believes that art is a powerful tool for communication and engagement. By translating her passion for marine conservation into meticulously crafted illustrations, Rachel sparks dialogue and invites viewers to explore the wonders of the ocean. Through her art, she aims to challenge preconceived notions and highlight the beauty, diversity, and importance of the marine world.

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Artistic Style

Rachel’s pointillism style

Rachel has developed a unique artistic style known as pointillism. This technique involves creating images using countless tiny dots meticulously placed together. Each dot serves a purpose, adding depth, texture, and detail to the artwork. Rachel’s choice of pointillism reflects her patience and dedication to her craft. By employing this style, she captivates viewers with intricate and visually stunning depictions of marine life.

Incorporating digital art into her practice

Rachel recognizes the value of technology in enhancing and expanding her artistic capabilities. She incorporates digital art into her practice, using tools such as the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and the S Pen. These technological innovations allow her to further refine her pointillist pieces, unlock new creative possibilities, and share her artwork with a wider audience. Through the use of technology, Rachel connects with people from all around the world, expanding the reach and impact of her conservation message.

Using Technology

Utilizing the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and S Pen

One technological tool that Rachel utilizes in her art is the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra paired with the S Pen. This combination provides her with a digital canvas where she can effortlessly create and refine her artwork. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers a seamless user experience, allowing Rachel to focus on the intricate details of her illustrations. The precision and sensitivity of the S Pen enable her to mimic the dotting technique of pointillism digitally, resulting in visually stunning and highly detailed pieces.

Benefits of technology in creating art

Technology has significantly transformed the art world, providing artists with new avenues for creativity and expression. For Rachel, technology has revolutionized her creative process, allowing her to explore different styles, experiment with digital techniques, and share her artwork with a global audience. Moreover, technology has facilitated collaborations with other artists, conservation organizations, and like-minded individuals who share her passion for marine conservation.

Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean


Working with shark charities

Rachel actively collaborates with shark charities to support their conservation efforts. She dedicates her art to raise awareness and funds for critically endangered species such as the swordfish and the hammerhead shark. By using her artwork as a platform, Rachel contributes to the important work undertaken by these organizations, reinforcing the need for conservation initiatives and inspiring others to get involved.

Supporting the conservation of critically endangered species

Through her collaborations, Rachel focuses on species that are on the brink of extinction, aiming to make a significant impact in preserving their populations. By partnering with shark charities, Rachel ensures that her art not only raises awareness but also directly supports the conservation of these critically endangered species. The funds raised from the auctioning of her art pieces go towards initiatives such as the big shark pledge, which strives to conserve sharks in the UK.

Auction for Fundraising

Auctioning off art pieces to raise funds

A significant aspect of Rachel’s conservation efforts involves auctioning off her artwork to raise funds for various conservation initiatives. Her meticulously crafted illustrations, showcasing the beauty of marine life, attract art enthusiasts and conservationists alike. By leveraging the reach and impact of art auctions, Rachel contributes to raising substantial funds that support the long-term conservation of endangered species and the preservation of the marine environment.

Supporting the big shark pledge for UK shark conservation

The funds raised through the auctioning of Rachel’s artwork contribute to the big shark pledge, an initiative dedicated to shark conservation in the UK. By supporting this pledge, Rachel actively contributes to preserving the ocean’s apex predators and raising awareness about the crucial role that sharks play in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem. Through her art, Rachel inspires individuals to support conservation efforts and make a positive difference in safeguarding our oceans.

Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean

Impact and Future Goals

Connecting people with the ocean through art

Rachel’s ultimate goal is to connect people with the ocean through her artwork. By portraying the beauty and complexity of marine life, she opens up dialogues about conservation issues and fosters a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Through her art, Rachel invites individuals to explore and engage with the ocean, paving the way for a more sustainable and conscientious relationship with our marine environment.

Engaging the younger generation in conservation dialogues

One of Rachel’s key goals is to engage the younger generation in conservation dialogues. By using her art as a medium, she aims to inspire children and young adults to develop a sense of wonder, curiosity, and responsibility towards the ocean and its inhabitants. Through exhibitions, workshops, and educational initiatives, Rachel creates opportunities for young individuals to immerse themselves in the world of marine conservation and become ambassadors for positive change.

Inspiring others to create their own ocean stories

Rachel’s journey as a wildlife artist and conservationist serves as an inspiration to others who share her passion for the ocean. Through her art, she encourages individuals to express their own ocean stories and messages, fostering a sense of community and collective action. Rachel firmly believes that every individual has the capacity to contribute to marine conservation, and she strives to empower others to use their unique talents and perspectives to make a difference.


Rachel Brooks’ dedication to marine conservation through art is both inspiring and impactful. Through her meticulously crafted illustrations, she sheds light on the beauty and importance of marine life while challenging negative stereotypes regarding sharks. With the help of technology, collaborations with shark charities, and art auctions for fundraising, Rachel actively contributes to the preservation of critically endangered species and engages people of all ages in conservation dialogues. Her ultimate goal of reconnecting people with the ocean and inspiring others to create their own ocean stories demonstrates the power of art as a catalyst for change. Rachel’s work serves as a reminder that each individual can make a positive impact and contribute to the sustainable future of our oceans.

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