Where to See Fall Foliage Across the US This Year


The article titled “Where to See Fall Foliage Across the US This Year” provides readers with a comprehensive guide on where and when to witness the vibrant changing colors of autumn leaves across the United States. The information is gathered from various sources like forecast tools, historical data, and expert observations. While predictions can be challenging due to unpredictable weather patterns, these forecasts serve as helpful guides for planning fall foliage trips. The article highlights popular destinations across different regions, including the West Coast, New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the South. From the stunning landscapes of national parks to scenic drives and hiking trails, the article offers valuable insights for leaf peepers seeking to experience the natural beauty of fall.

Where to See Fall Foliage Across the US This Year

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Where to see fall foliage this year

As the season of fall approaches, many people eagerly anticipate the stunning display of changing colors that nature provides. From vibrant oranges and yellows to deep reds and browns, the foliage during this time of year is a sight to behold. If you’re planning a leaf peeping trip, it’s essential to know where and when to go to witness the most spectacular fall foliage. This article will guide you through the best locations across the United States to see the fall colors in all their glory.

West Coast

The West Coast offers a range of breathtaking landscapes and national parks that turn into a canvas of vibrant colors during the fall season. In late September, leaves can begin to change their color in northwest Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, with the cottonwood and aspen trees in Grand Teton National Park turning to gold. Utah’s national parks, including Arches, Zion, and Bryce Canyon, also showcase their fall foliage from late September through October, complementing the mesmerizing red rocks with bursts of autumnal hues.

On the West Coast, Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding areas are renowned for their incredible fall foliage. Oregon’s wild landscapes explode with bursts of color at every turn, providing ample opportunities for leaf peeping. Portland could start seeing the leaves change by the end of September, with the peak foliage expected in the middle to end of October. Visitors can take steamboat rides along the river or drive along the Columbia River Highway to enjoy the breathtaking vistas.

New England

When it comes to fall foliage, New England is often hailed as one of the best regions to witness nature’s colorful transformation. In the first two weeks of October, the leaves in states like Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire are predicted to begin turning. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests that October 11th will be the peak time for fall foliage in New England, making it an ideal period to visit and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

Acadia National Park in Maine is a popular destination for leaf peeping, with peak foliage expected to start around October 2nd. Visitors can witness stunning foliage and catch the sunrise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, offering a memorable experience. Vermont and New Hampshire are also excellent options for hiking and leaf peeping, followed by activities like apple picking and enjoying cider doughnuts. The Berkshires, a mountainous region in western Massachusetts, and the Adirondack Mountains in New York provide additional opportunities for witnessing the fall foliage at its finest.


By late October, it’s time to turn your attention toward the Mid-Atlantic states and the Southeast, which boast some of the country’s most beautiful regions for fall foliage. Virginia’s plentiful deciduous trees and varied landscape provide a long fall foliage season. The colors typically begin to change in mid-to-late September, with peak colors occurring from October 10th to 31st. The Virginia Department of Forestry’s fall foliage report offers valuable insights on when and where to visit for optimal leaf viewing.

One of the highlights of the Mid-Atlantic region is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where visitors can witness stunning fall foliage. The Smoky Mountain range offers an array of colors and breathtaking vistas during this time of year. In Western North Carolina, a fall color map created by Appalachian State University’s Department of Biology can assist in planning trips to regions like Waynesville, Asheville, Grandfather Mountain, and Boone.


For those seeking fall foliage in the Midwest, Kansas and parts of Missouri are great options. The Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri offers a picturesque setting for leaf peeping, with the maple, oak, hickory, and ash trees along the shoreline displaying painterly hues in November. Scenic drives through the Ozark Mountains provide even more impressive views of the rugged forests and their vibrant foliage.


Travelers can head to the southern edges of Arizona and New Mexico for late-season fall foliage. These regions typically experience peak foliage in November, providing a chance to witness the colors of autumn later in the season. Additionally, fall foliage can be seen in the states ranging from Texas to Florida.


In the southwestern corner of Texas, Big Bend National Park is home to the nation’s largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert. November is an excellent month to camp, hike, and backpack in this region. Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana also offers fall foliage viewing opportunities, with most of the state reaching its peak in November. Central Florida is another destination where fall foliage can be observed in November.

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Bottom line

While fall foliage maps and tools can’t provide guarantees, they offer useful guides to help plan your leaf peeping trips. Be flexible with your plans, as weather changes can affect the predicted peak timing for fall foliage. Whether you choose to explore the West Coast, New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Southwest, or the South, each region has its unique charm and colors to offer during the fall season. Enjoy the stunning displays of nature’s artistry and make lasting memories on your fall foliage adventure.

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