Your Galaxy phone’s USB-C cable is perfectly safe for the iPhone 15


The article reassures iPhone 15 users that they can safely use USB-C cables from their Galaxy phones without causing any damage. With the iPhone 15 lineup adopting the USB-C connector, Android and iOS users can now share cables with one another. The article addresses a misconception spread by a Chinese retailer who incorrectly claimed that cables with fewer than 12 pins could harm the iPhone. However, the number of pins on a USB-C cable can vary depending on its specifications, and as long as the cable complies with the USB-C standard, there should be no issues. The article concludes by encouraging iPhone 15 users to confidently lend their Samsung USB-C cables to friends with the new iPhone.

Your Galaxy phones USB-C cable is perfectly safe for the iPhone 15

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Understanding USB-C cables

USB-C cables are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and convenience. These cables have revolutionized the way we connect and charge our devices, offering faster data transfer speeds and higher power delivery capabilities. To fully understand USB-C cables, it’s important to delve into the role of pins, the variation in the number of pins, and their compliance with the USB-C standard.

Pins and their role in USB-C cables

Pins play a crucial role in USB-C cables as they facilitate the transfer of data and power between devices. These pins are tiny metal connectors located within the USB-C ports on both the cable and the device. When the cable is plugged into a USB-C port, these pins establish a connection and enable communication between the connected devices. Each pin has a specific function, such as carrying power, transmitting data signals, or enabling audio/video outputs.

Variation in number of pins

USB-C cables can have different numbers of pins, depending on the cable’s specifications and intended use. While some USB-C cables may have the maximum of 12 pins on each end (24 in total), others may have fewer pins. The number of pins can vary based on factors such as the cable’s transfer speed capabilities and power delivery capabilities. However, it’s important to note that having fewer pins does not necessarily mean the cable is inadequate or incompatible. As long as the cable adheres to the USB-C standard, it can function properly.

Compliance with USB-C standard

To ensure compatibility and optimal functionality, USB-C cables must comply with the USB-C standard. The USB-C standard defines the specifications and requirements that cables need to meet in order to be considered compliant. These standards cover aspects such as power delivery, data transfer speeds, and connector compatibility. It is worth mentioning that finding USB-C cables that are not compliant with the standard is extremely rare in today’s market. Most reputable manufacturers adhere to these standards to ensure their cables are safe and reliable for users.

Misconceptions about USB-C cables and the iPhone 15

With the introduction of the iPhone 15, discussions surrounding the compatibility of USB-C cables have sparked some misconceptions. One particular instance involved a Chinese retailer providing incorrect advice to a consumer, leading to confusion and misinformation. Let’s address these misconceptions and provide clarifications on cable compatibility.

Chinese retailer’s incorrect advice

A Chinese retailer advised a consumer against using Android USB-C cables on their iPhone 15, claiming that cables with fewer than 12 pins on one end could potentially damage the device. However, this advice is completely inaccurate. As mentioned previously, the number of pins on a USB-C cable can vary, and having fewer pins does not automatically result in compatibility issues or damage to the connected device. It is important to rely on accurate and verified information when it comes to technology compatibility.

Clarification on cable compatibility

To dispel any doubts, it is crucial to emphasize that USB-C cables sold with Android phones, including those with the Samsung Galaxy branding, are perfectly safe and compatible with the iPhone 15. This means that if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone and have friends who own the new iPhone 15, you can confidently lend them your Samsung USB-C cable without any hesitation. These cables adhere to the USB-C standard, ensuring seamless functionality and compatibility across devices.

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Compatibility of USB-C cables with the iPhone 15

The adoption of USB-C by Apple on the iPhone 15 brings about several advantages, particularly for Samsung Galaxy users. Let’s explore how Samsung users can benefit from Apple’s adoption of USB-C and the ease of sharing cables with iPhone 15 users.

Beneficiaries of Apple’s adoption of USB-C

Among the biggest beneficiaries of Apple’s decision to embrace USB-C on the iPhone 15 are Samsung Galaxy users. As Samsung has long been utilizing USB-C technology in their devices, Galaxy users have already amassed a collection of USB-C cables. With the iPhone 15 now supporting USB-C, Samsung users can leverage their existing cables and enjoy a seamless connection experience with Apple devices.

Ease of sharing cables with iPhone 15 users

The compatibility between USB-C cables used with Samsung Galaxy devices and the iPhone 15 unlocks a level of convenience for both Samsung and iPhone users. This compatibility means that Samsung Galaxy users can easily lend their USB-C cables to iPhone 15 users, eliminating the need for separate cables and providing a seamless charging and data transfer experience. This interoperability between devices strengthens the bond between Samsung and Apple users and fosters a sense of unity in the modern tech landscape.

Overcoming hesitations in lending USB-C cables

Although the compatibility and safety of lending USB-C cables between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 15 users have been established, some individuals may still hesitate due to concerns about potential damage or compatibility issues. Here, we address these hesitations and assert the safety of lending USB-C cables between devices.

Giving Samsung USB-C cable to iPhone 15 users

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user who possesses a USB-C cable, it is perfectly safe to lend it to an iPhone 15 user. The USB-C standard ensures compatibility and functionality across devices, regardless of the brand or specific model. As long as the USB-C cable is compliant with the standard, there is no risk of damage to either the cable or the connected devices. Feel confident in sharing your Samsung USB-C cable with iPhone 15 users, knowing that it will facilitate their charging and data transfer needs without any technical complications.

No risk of damage or compatibility issues

Both Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 15 devices are designed to support USB-C connectivity, enabling seamless communication and power delivery. The USB-C standard guarantees that compatible cables, such as those manufactured by Samsung for their devices, will function optimally with the iPhone 15. Therefore, lending a USB-C cable from a Samsung Galaxy device to an iPhone 15 user poses no risk of damage to the cable, the iPhone, or any other connected devices. With the assurance of safety and compatibility, users can confidently share USB-C cables between devices without any hesitation.

Your Galaxy phones USB-C cable is perfectly safe for the iPhone 15

Finding reliable USB-C cables

While USB-C cables that do not comply with the standard are rare, it is still important to find reliable cables to ensure optimal performance and safety. In the market today, it can be slightly challenging to identify non-compliant cables. However, by purchasing USB-C cables from reputable manufacturers and authorized retailers, users can minimize the risk of encountering non-compliant cables.

To find reliable USB-C cables, it is recommended to choose cables from well-known brands that prioritize customer safety and satisfaction. Reading product reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can also guide users in selecting reliable USB-C cables. By investing in quality cables, users can experience the full advantages of USB-C technology and avoid any potential issues that may arise from using non-compliant or low-quality cables.


USB-C cables have revolutionized the way we connect and charge our devices. Understanding the role of pins, the variation in the number of pins, and compliance with the USB-C standard is essential for choosing and utilizing USB-C cables effectively. With the adoption of USB-C on the iPhone 15, misconceptions surrounding cable compatibility have emerged. However, it has been clarified that USB-C cables sold with Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy devices, are safe and compatible with the iPhone 15. This compatibility brings advantages for Samsung Galaxy users, allowing them to share their USB-C cables with iPhone 15 users seamlessly. By dispelling hesitations and ensuring the safety and compatibility of lending USB-C cables, users can fully leverage the benefits of USB-C connectivity. While finding reliable USB-C cables may pose a slight challenge, choosing reputable brands and authorized retailers can help users find cables that adhere to the USB-C standard, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety.

Your Galaxy phones USB-C cable is perfectly safe for the iPhone 15


  • SamsungMobile: Galaxy users will benefit most from iPhone USB-C
  • SamsungMobile: Your Galaxy phone’s USB-C cable is perfectly safe for the iPhone 15

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